12/30/09 Boracay, Philippines

Happy almost New Year! We are in the middle of all of the action on White Beach in Boracay for a few days, staying right on the beach and it is pretty fun. We're living in bathing suits and alternate between lounging, playing games on the beach and taking a dip.

Holiday Love!

As opposed to last year -- when we stayed in with family for New Year’s Eve -- we’ll be on a yacht with friends, watching fireworks go off all over this 4-mile-long beach! A perfect way to shepherd in a new decade, no?

Here's something you MUST DO today or very soon.

DO YOUR INTENTIONS! The beginning of a new decade is a POWERFUL time to affirm what you want. You can ride on the vortex of CHANGE -- extremely strong right now -- to watch your dreams happen.

If you took the free teleseminar I did Monday night, you know to pick 4 things that you really want in 2010 – no holds barred - write them down and hold them as sacred.

Light a candle over them. Then at midnight on New Year's Eve, make a toast and bless these intentions (you don’t have to disclose what they are if you don’t want to).

If you want to dive in further to make your intentions happen quickly (especially if they’re big or if you have been stuck and not manifesting), I’m teaching a 4 week telecourse on Deliberate Creation, which includes a private mini-session with me and therefore is very limited in enrollment, in January & February.

In just 24 hours, half of the slots already got filled, so if you want to dive further into making your intentions happen in breakthrough fashion, then look into joining us while we still have spaces available at:


See you soon! And I bless your 2010 to be OFF THE CHARTS!!


Santa Arrives by Boat on Boracay!

December 12, 2009

The holidays here on Boracay are very different. Santa and Christmas lights are juxtaposed with 80 kitesurfers, 20 windsurfers, a handful of snorkelers and a few boats out the window.

Julian puts the "little mommy," as he calls it atop our tree w/ dad's help

We have a FAKE tree (no real ones here), that we had to island hop to obtain, and the kids are loving it like it's the real thing. 3 year-old Julian is really "getting" about Christmas now and every day he asks, "Is Santa coming today?"


Are you ready for soulmate love ASAP?

I have a suggestion. It may sound crazy but believe me, I’ve seen crazier and it all WORKED! When it comes to love, doing something different can be helpful.

SO the suggestion? Give yourself a soulmate for Christmas. Seriously. You’ll be hearing more about DELIBERATE CREATION from me in the coming weeks, but giving yourself a soulmate is an example of it.


1. Buy yourself a present or make one that represents your soulmate. It could be a fake engagement ring, a photo of a person you find hot (though of course don’t start thinking it has to be this exact person – just this or something better), or something else symbolizing your special present.

2. Wrap up the gift and put a note on it: “from me to me” or “to me, from the Universe.” Like that.

3. Unwrap the gift on Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate.

4. Say to yourself: “This is it. It’s done!” and do FEEL it.

5. Get excited!

(If you are already with someone but it has problems, then give your partner this gift and vow to elevate it into soulmate love!)

It may sound corny, but this stuff works. Ask the many people who did something like this (even in a big-time dramatic way, which you know if you’ve heard me on the radio lately).

Now, your job is to skip through the holidays knowing that the love of your life awaits you.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and relish your cold weather. It is 80 degrees here every day and while it's lovely, we do miss winter season for the holidays (a tiny bit).



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