Feb 20, 2013

 As we recover from Valentine's Day, your 2013 intention for love may be first and foremost on your mind.

It’s a powerful time to call your soulmate in.

You just have to be willing to leave behind limits and accept the changes that will bring on love. Two keys are:

1) No longer giving in to negativity, limits or old, tired attachments: either in word, deed or thought. The more immaculate you can be in your energy, the faster things will go for you.

Example: Never again agree with your friends about how few prospects are out there or that all the good ones are married.

2) Keep your eyes on the future you want, the vision of your love intentions being realized. This means making peace with where you are now (giving it very little focus) and building an unbelievably rich “mental equivalent.”

Example: Imagine looking into your love’s eyes right now. The electricity, understanding & excitement. Reach out and touch him or her (in your mind) and feel the warm, inviting skin. Experience the perfect fit of your bodies entwined.

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