Soulmate level is the place you want to be in your energy & in your expectations to attract the love of your life (and nothing else). Once you open to it, the fastest way to manifest is to keep it at that level.

Many of you who write without instant manifestation have reverted to old ways, where soulmate love is less likely to happen.

Here are tips on how to stay at Soulmate Level:

 1. Stay hopeful. When you first are exposed to my work, you get very positive about love. Unfortunately, friends can naysay you into doubt again. Or your own pattern of negativity may reassert itself. Continue to find tools to stay upbeat about love and you will remain a powerful beacon of light for your One.

2. Continue to release anything that has blocked or delayed love from you. Likely culprits are an old love you’re hanging onto, limiting beliefs about romance or a pattern of self-judgment. If you’re done any of my work, you know how to release. Keep re-releasing until any delay is gone.

3. Don’t look too hard or do back flips for soulmate love. If you are trying to be everywhere to increase your chances for romance or doing soulmate exercises to the point of exhaustion, you are working it to the point of disconnect. Be mellow, do what is fun and remember there are no odds about soulmate love because it is not random chance that brings you together. It is a magnetization that cannot be denied.

4. Quit digging up that plant! For most who do my work, soulmate love shows up out of nowhere. One minute it looks like a dating desert, the next minute you are happily in love. So if you bothered to go by “appearance” and got discouraged because nothing had shown up yet, you wasted your time. In fact, you can shoot yourself in the foot by digging up the plant too early to see if it’s blossoming. In others, making an assessment that it hasn’t happened and concluding it won’t is counterproductive because you get discouraged. Better to see with the eyes of faith, notice how positive you remain and conclude that change is happening on the inner NOW and love is on its way to you.

Usually, when I’ve worked with people privately or in small groups, there is ONE THING that holds them back from getting what they want: a primary issue.

Some know, and have tried to no avail to get rid of it.

Others have no clue, and it is an amazing when the light goes on.

Things go QUICKLY as blocks are released.

Not only have you internalized beliefs that hold you back, there are people close to you who DO NOT want you to succeed (sad to say). And you probably feel that pressure on some level.

Some are scared of risk and humiliation and find it easier just to play it safe.

But every person – including a recent success story who is marrying her soulmate at age 52 – who manifests their desires had to put the fear, the limits to rest in order to be able to realize their dreams.

So, here’s the good news.

It is AMAZING how fast folks get what they want once they identify their issue, address is properly and move beyond it.

They fly into a whirlwind romance with their soulmate.

All of a sudden, money starts pouring in.

It can change just that quickly.

EXERCISE: If you’re not sure what your delay is, spend some time thinking about it. The clue is look for what shrinks you. What makes you feel small or causes you to hesitate? What feels bad?

As you pinpoint what it is, imagine what it would be like to be free of this delay. What would you do? What do others who don’t let this hold you back do?

This begins to pull you forward beyond the hold up.

I look forward to helping you more with this.

So many people ask me: "Do I have to get on-line?" My answer is below.

3 Bad Reasons to Date On-Line

Do you have to on-line date? No, you don't. A minuscule percentage of people meet their soulmate on-line while 80% of those who say they're with their soulmate found them right under their noses. Here are three BAD reasons to put your profile on a matchmaking website.

 Your friends tell you it's mandatory. Your friends don't know what is right for you, and on-line dating is not for everyone.

2. You are desperate & worried you'll never meet someone. Try to wait until you're centered to make such a decision. Nothing good comes out of desperation.

3. You think on-line is the perfect place for your touched-up photo & carefully crafted profile to land the love of your dreams. Please. While almost 90% of people on-line supposedly fudge their profiles with an old photo or misrepresent their age, being honest is a statement to the world that you are enough as is (and the quickest way to find your soulmate on-line).

Two GOOD reasons to on-line date?

1. To tell the Universe that you're ready for love.

2. To see the abundance of available, appealing single people out there.

As millions know, attracting love does not require on-line dating EVER, but if you do so, do it for the right reasons and with the right energy.


Hey there, it’s Kathryn! Hope you’re having good holidays and gearing up for a great 2018

I wanted to give you the same assignment I have given to all of my private clients that can make a WORLD of difference in your life in the coming year

It’s called the 1-2-3 Punch and meant to be done this time of year

I’ve done this since 1998 and have seen everything that I set as a goal happen in my life (I am not kidding!)

And so have thousands of others

So here are the basics:

1. Write down everything that you have achieved in 2017 and all you are grateful for (Thanksgiving is a great reminder each year to do this)

2. Let go this 2018

Release is sheer magic, an act of faith

I have seen so many good things come out of people letting go, something I specialize in helping people accomplish

Write down all you don’t want to take into 2018 – bad experiences, negative habits, old patterns – on toilet paper and flush it down the toilet. Or burn it

3. Write down (don’t just think it) 1 to 4 things you really want to happen in 2018 – your priority goals

Research confirms there is power in writing it down. You can do this either before or after we ring in 2018. Goals written down are 73% more likely to happen

This is a very key step in the creation process – I can show you why it’s important and how to do it the best – we need to flesh this out a bit to have it work well to create

And there is a certain personality type that needs to do this step more than they even realize, something I discuss in the free class

I hope you’ll do this process NOW for an amazing 2018