Have you ever felt that something was too good to be true?


And sadly, then see that suspicion play out?

One minute you've gotten something you've really wanted.

And the next, it slips through your fingers.

I get emails often about a fizzled romance with someone who was just right.

Why does this happen?

It's because you're not UP TO SPEED with what you want.

That is the same issue that causes nervousness.

The good news is that there is an easy trick to get you up to speed with your biggest dreams.

And when you are, they happen easily, and it STICKS this time.

You GET what you want & it doesn't go away: whether it's your love, a job or anothergreat manifestation.


Thursday, August 15th, 2013

The worst hell of all is wanting something but believing you cannot have it.

For some, it is easier just to opt out, and get very zen and accept what life throws at you.

Abandoning hope feels better than FRUSTRATED hope.

But as you may know, I’m a Deliberate Creator at heart, which is what I teach.

And I come from the premise that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT.

This approach has worked for thousands because it is based in faith.

If you want it, you get it. Our desires are put into us by the Divine because we GET them.

When you run into something that is proving difficult for you to manifest, it is due to lack of belief that you can actually have it.

This is where we get busy in deliberately creating what we want.

It is a joy to do so, and the journey, the wanting, the anticipation become absolutely delicious.If hell is frustrated wanting . . . then heaven is hopeful wanting -- believing you CAN have it (faith).

The wanting becomes anticipation, and making it happen is the ride of your life!

Please know that if there is something you want, then you can have it.  

It’s just a matter of regaining faith about it and moving forward into creating it.

I support you in becoming an awesome Deliberate Creator!