The worst hell of all is wanting something but believing you cannot have it. 

For some, it is easier just to opt out, and get very zen and accept what life throws at you.

Abandoning hope feels better than FRUSTRATED hope. 

But as you may know, I’m a Deliberate Creator at heart, which is what I teach.

And I come from the premise that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT. 

This approach has worked for thousands because it is based in faith. 

If you want it, you get it. Our desires are put into us by the Divine because we GET them.

When you run into something that is proving difficult for you to manifest, it is due to lack of belief that you can actually have it.

This is where we get busy in deliberately creating what we want.

It is a joy to do so, and the journey, the wanting, the anticipation become absolutely delicious.

If hell is frustrated wanting . . . then heaven is hopeful wanting -- believing you CAN have it (faith).

The wanting becomes anticipation, and making it happen is the ride of your life! 

Please know that if there is something you want, then you can have it.

It’s just a matter of regaining faith about it and moving forward into creating it. 

I support you in becoming an awesome Deliberate Creator!


Usually, when I’ve worked with people privately or in small groups, there is ONE THING that holds them back from getting what they want: a primary issue. 

Some know, and have tried to no avail to get rid of it.

Others have no clue, and it is an amazing when the light goes on.

Things go QUICKLY as blocks are released. 

Not only have you internalized beliefs that hold you back, there are people close to you who DO NOT want you to succeed (sad to say). And you probably feel that pressure on some level. 

Some are scared of risk and humiliation and find it easier just to play it safe.

But every person who manifests their desires had to put the fear, the limits to rest in order to be able to realize their dreams.

So, here's the good news. 

It is AMAZING how fast folks get what they want once they identify their issue, address is properly and move beyond it.

They fly into a whirlwind romance with their soulmate. 

All of a sudden, money starts pouring in. 

It can change just that quickly.

EXERCISE: If you're not sure what your delay is, spend some time thinking about it. The clue is look for what shrinks you. What makes you feel small or causes you to hesitate? What feels bad?

As you pinpoint what it is, imagine what it would be like to be free of this delay. What would you do? What do others who don’t let this hold you back do?

This begins to pull you forward beyond the hold up.

I look forward to helping you more with this!