Dec 19, 2012

Hi, there! We're right in the middle of our week of FREE ebooks, and I thought I'd make sure you know about it.

The holidays are a rough time for many, and I'd love to help you out. The FREE offerings below, all new, will give you some cheer & concrete tools to get you through.

Being single through the holidays can be challenging. Family dysfunction, stress and a crowded schedule can also make it tough.

Here's a little gift from me that can help:

Tuesday, Dec 18th - FREE ebook Finding Forever Love

If you missed it, we're keeping it at 99 cents for now, so you can still get it cheaply. This is a quickstart guide to my love attraction process - a simple, fast and fun read.

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Wednesday, Dec 19th - FREE ebook Releasing a Person

Let go after a break-up, a divorce or when you just can't get over an ex. This works even with an obsession.

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Thursday, Dec 20th - FREE ebook Manifest Your Soulmate

My famed process of calling in love. The "soul call" is irresistible and has worked for tens of thousands of people.

Enjoy! I send you my love & support for getting through the holidays EASILY and even having some fun!!