If there is something that eludes you, either one of two things are going on:

1) You are conflicted about it even if you think you want it.

For example, you want love but you secretly fear that if you find the right person, you’ll be stuck and lose your freedom.

When you’re not lined up with a dream, it is much harder to manifest it.

2) You have a long history of impossibility thinking about your desire. There’s so much negativity that you’re sure you can’t have it.

For example, one person I worked with had it drilled into her head since childhood that being wealthy was pie in the sky. She came from a working class family that struggled with money.

She was sure that prosperity was difficult. She could not have money until she let go of that large body of thought she had accumulated that affirmed she would always live hand-to-mouth.

Can you imagine having what you want or does it seem very far away?

If it’s the latter, you have some work to do.


Have you ever felt that something was too good to be true?


And sadly, then see that suspicion play out?

One minute you've gotten something you've really wanted.

And the next, it slips through your fingers.

I get emails often about a fizzled romance with someone who was just right.

Why does this happen?

It's because you're not UP TO SPEED with what you want.

That is the same issue that causes nervousness.

The good news is that there is an easy trick to get you up to speed with your biggest dreams.

And when you are, they happen easily, and it STICKS this time.

You GET what you want & it doesn't go away: whether it's your love, a job or anothergreat manifestation.


Thursday, August 15th, 2013

The worst hell of all is wanting something but believing you cannot have it.

For some, it is easier just to opt out, and get very zen and accept what life throws at you.

Abandoning hope feels better than FRUSTRATED hope.

But as you may know, I’m a Deliberate Creator at heart, which is what I teach.

And I come from the premise that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT.

This approach has worked for thousands because it is based in faith.

If you want it, you get it. Our desires are put into us by the Divine because we GET them.

When you run into something that is proving difficult for you to manifest, it is due to lack of belief that you can actually have it.

This is where we get busy in deliberately creating what we want.

It is a joy to do so, and the journey, the wanting, the anticipation become absolutely delicious.If hell is frustrated wanting . . . then heaven is hopeful wanting -- believing you CAN have it (faith).

The wanting becomes anticipation, and making it happen is the ride of your life!

Please know that if there is something you want, then you can have it.  

It’s just a matter of regaining faith about it and moving forward into creating it.

I support you in becoming an awesome Deliberate Creator!


Lisa and  Michael - 50 somethings in love!

This summer, I’m having a rash of 50-somethings and seniors getting married.

These people are happier than teenagers experiencing first love, and I’m thrilled for them.

You may know that I teach that love knows no boundaries like age. It’s never too late for love.

If you’re ready for it to be your turn, then, here’s what will help.

1. Remember that love can happen at any time. Keep your hopes high, and look for the love stories that remind you that you have every hope for love.

2. Look for your blocks. You didn’t have to wait for love this long. Something is delaying you. Get to the bottom of it & let go of whatever is holding you up. Common blocks are: fear of commitment, past trauma, freedom issues, feeling unworthy of love, a bad pattern and hanging on to the wrong person.

3. Send out a soul call & stay at Soulmate Level of Attraction. Do an energetic invitation for your soulmate to come NOW, and get happy and hopeful. This is an environment in which love can come quickly . . . even if you’ve waited far too long.

You can be the NEXT late bloomer, so if you've given up hope, tak heart. It's never too late!



On the Cover of My First Magazine!

Hi there! I haven't blogged in a while as we update my website, but I wanted to touch base since it's been so long.

I’m on my summer teaching tour. The East Coast has been just amazing so far. I flew to New York to teach and officiate a wedding in Pennsylvania. (Congrats to the beautiful couple!)

Officiating the Wedding of my Coach Lisa Caroselli

We had a blast and took the boys to DC to see how the country was run, too. We've traveled so much internationally that they've seen more countries than U.S. states, so we're working on that :-)

The Fedora Bunch on the East Coast

San Francisco is next week (see magazine cover above), and I look forward to seeing many of you for my workshops there -- they're always crowded & fun.

Boy is love in the air! Below is a fascinating email I got about not being able to sleep.

And this person is not alone. Are you next?

Read on to find out how.



I Cannot Sleep

One recent email cracked me up.

Dear Kathryn, 

I’m 3 weeks into a romance just like you describe. I am exhausted. This guy isevery single thing that I want. 

I’m so worried he will slip away that I’ve got insomnia. It’s been a whirlwind, and he says all of the right things.

He cannot seem to be without me for too long. 

Is this too good to be true? Help!

This is what we call a “quality problem,” one we’d all love to have, right?

And it’s very typical of those who do my work. I get letters like this often.

If you haven’t had soulmate love yet, when it comes, it can freak you out.

If it’s so terrifying, this uncovers a problem.Those who have a hard time accepting their good are NOT UP TO SPEED with it.

Yes, they still get their love – as evidenced by my client who ended up with a panic attack in the emergency room thinking her love was leaving her while he was cooking up a proposal.

However, you can expedite your journey to love by being wide open to that One who will blow every other romance you’ve had out of the water.

Here’s how:

1. Build yourself up. The more you feel deserving of love, someone perfect in your eyes, the quicker (s)he will come and the less rattled you will be when your soulmate arrives.

2. Get used to the idea. Start imagining this person in your life now. When you make what you want more real to you than your present situation, it can’t help but come. And you will also get more sleep as you begin dating your One :-)

3. Let go of the fears. Angst, nervousness, desperation – these are major delays to love. If you want love quickly, you must get rid of these, and find the faith that will put your love life into warp speed.

Heartbreak Corner: Revenge

I just read a book called Gone Girl, and it’s all about revenge. What a waste of time revenge is! (Though the book is a real page turner)

It’s very common when you break up to want revenge. Seeking revenge -- even a little justice or closure

-- can seem empowering.

But here’s the hitch. Revenge is a way to fan the flames of attachment. It’s still focusing on the person you need to release.

And worse, plotting revenge, seeking closure or justice keeps you bogged down. You are not open to the love awaiting you as long as you focus on your ex.

Revenge is in the opposite direction of the love you want.

It is critical that you let go and move on no matter how gripping the attachment might be.

Undergoing a release process and then refocusing is the only way to go – if you really want your soulmate (who will make you forget your ex).

Try my Releasing a Person work (book, CD or download) -- which is inexpensive & effective. People swear by it.

In a Relationship? No One Wins an Argument

Even soulmates have a disagreement from time to time. Stuff comes up, because you are still two people with sometimes differing agendas, wounds you are healing, needs and wants.

The last chapter of my book Love Will Find You lays out some "Fair Fight Rules".

It’s good to agree that you’ll fight fair when something comes up.

But better still . . . what if you decided to nip an argument in the bud and try something else?

The problem with arguments is that they carry an energy of opposition. Both parties get into a mindset where they have to triumph.

No one wins an argument. The emotional toll, the ill will – everyone loses.

Here’s a higher way to deal with a brewing argument.

1. The minute that you feel an argument coming, stop in your tracks.

2. Try to understand what your love is really saying. Often, it’s something like “I love you, and I’m scared.”

3. Point out that the two of you are starting to argue, and that you don’t want that.

4. Suggest that you guys take a breather, and write down what you want.

5. Then, hug and quietly discuss what has come up with no win-or-lose attitude. Softness, vulnerability uncover the real issues and the underlying need for love & understanding.