Oct 5, 2012

The Kiawawa's, As We're Called :-)

Have I got a good story for you! I’m flying high right now, looking forward to weekend guests coming in today and four days of festivities, celebrating a very special wedding.

Every year a group of my high school buddies (we went to an all girl Episcopal school) reunite on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. We’ve marked all sort of life changes and milestones together and shared good times over the years.

Below is the story of one of them, and I know you’ll find it inspiring.

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See you soon!



The Happy Couple!
 An Inspiring Story

This story is about the wedding I’m attending this weekend, and the bride. She is 52 and has never been married until now.

She’s one of our group, and many years she felt that as we brought photos of babies and family news, she just had nothing to share. I felt for her and told her that her time would come.

She had always wanted children and was sure that this had passed her by, too. A successful actress with a vivacious personality, she worried she was too much for a guy to handle. She travels often, lives large and has boundless energy.

Her love life started getting more active. She had two false starts. For the first time, she found herself in two serious relationships in a row. Neither worked out, but she was creating a template of what it is like to be in a relationship, a novelty for this free spirit. And she was getting clearer on what would work for her and what wouldn’t.

Then, she met her guy. A widower with a small girl, he was everything she wanted. The first time I met him – on Venice Beach – I thought he was a camp counselor, he looked so young and in shape. She seemed younger with him. And he could keep up with her. A successful philanthropist and radio show host, he is always going on exciting trips, getting awards, exploring the world just like she enjoys doing.

And his girl! My friend has always been amazing with children, and she bonded quickly with her future child, taking her side, the girl’s point of view and doing special things for her.

This friend had to get used to a man adoring her and “getting” her. He lights up under the glow of her bubbly personality, sees how radiantly beautiful she is and brings out more of her wit as he appreciates every bit of her. Her independence does not threaten him but intrigues him.

It took her a while to trust that this was real, and he wasn’t going anywhere. It took him a while to convince her to marry him. But this weekend, it is happening. She has worn a beautiful engagement ring for a year now. They have remodeled his house in anticipation of her moving in. They had engagement parties in New York and Los Angeles. And now, the big day is here.

Our gals are all flying in from the East, some staying in our guest house. Now, our good friend has the best news of us all, far outstripping any of our previous news.

It’s been a long time coming, and today, I celebrate her and her groom. If you have worried that love has passed you by or if there really could be the right one for you, then take heart. Maybe you’re next! But one thing is for sure. You, too, get love, someone who gets you and who is the perfect fit.


Upcoming Events

As I conduct my sold-out “Date for Your Soulmate” Telecourse this fall, I don’t have much else slated.

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