January 2011

Hi! We've spending most of January and at least part of February in Jamaica, mon, and enjoying it! Right now, our all-inclusive resort has got us eating & doing too much, but it's all fun and the weather can't be beat. Our eyebrows have all disappeared, and we've got tans, too.

Bringing on Love in 2011!

Are you determined that 2011 is the year you get your soulmate? Or at least hoping? There are ways to ENSURE that it is by doing some strong intention-setting and then backing that up with some changes.

1. Write down what you want in love. Get specific & do this with feeling. Decorate it, light a candle over this intention & bless it.

2. Send love to your One. This person you’re calling forth is out there now, living & breathing & looking for you, too. A soul call, an invitation to join you in your life, is quite powerful.

3. Get hopeful, eradicate blocks. You’re going to have to ensure that you’re open to love. If you’ve been cynical, find some faith that yes, you GET LOVE! (true) If you’re hanging on to a past love, let go into a vision of something better.

You have every hope for love and let’s get determined that this year is IT for you! I am with you.

We still have just a couple of spaces left in my FIRST EVER telecourse on love. Create-a-Mate entailed 4 classese by phone in February and March for the pupose of "creating" your mate. You ought to check it out just to get the incredible stories of people who have used this work to conjure up the love of their life!

Check it out here NOW to get in on it (it's limited to just 50 people and about 45 spaces are already taken): www.kathrynalice.com/create-a-mate

We’ve Opened Enrollment for Our June 2011 Teacher Training

Our June 2011 Love Attraction Coach Training is now open for enrollment and quite a few of the spaces have been taken. This program gets more kudos than any other trainer training for its emphasis not only on schooling you in this magical material that has brought love to thousands but ALSO in making a career of it.

If you are looking for a fulfilling lucrative career that comes with setup, license and referrals, check out the training NOW. You can get an easy 5 payment program with a discount if you sign up before the end of January. Find out more here.

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