Thursday, December 29th, 2012

I am in this 2012 release by Lionsgate. It's going to be a GREAT year!!

Hi! As 2011 is coming to a close, I have never seen more "stuff" coming up for those I work with. There's no doubt it is a big time of change. Expectations for 2012 are rightly HIGH, so it makes sense that things are on the move in our lives.

There has never been a more important time to do what needs to be done, so keep reading to find out what I mean by that.

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Read on to find out what you can do THIS WEEK to leave any drama or limits behind once and for all. Have a great New Year's celebration, and I have high hopes for you in 2012.

I am blessing your holiday season!


A MUST DO Right Now!

I have never seen so much drama and angst during the holidays. It makes sense in a weird way. Many of us believe that 2012 will be a banner year. I am sure this is true for you.

When you are going for BIG things in your life, anything UNLIKE it -- anything that might hinder or delay your manifestation -- will come up, just to be released. In that context, it makes sense that so many are experiencing what looks like discord, change or the end of something that is painful in their lives.

There's a great way to deal with this, perfect for right now, something that I urge you to do. Release before 2012 comes. It's something I do every year -- at sunset on New Year's Eve at the beach with a group of friends. You can do this alone or with a group. Here's how:

1) Write down every single thing you DON'T want to take into 2012: old experiences, bad habits, limits in your life, painful at tachments, tired patterns.

2) Take the piece(s) of paper where you listed your "releases," and shred them or burn them or both. As you do, say "I let you go!" If you're with friends, you can share what you're letting go or just gain their support without naming what it is you're releasing.

3) Seal the deal by stomping on the pieces or flushing the ashes/scraps down the toilet. This can be fun and silly (but effective).

You will feel different after undergoing this process: lighter, more free. Rituals work!

This is a powerful step of welcoming in the new. But there is further work to be done: replacing the old, the released with what you want in 2012. List your top goals, and do be there for my FREE intention-setting phone call next week. I'll show you how to set powerful intentions and make them happen. It's what has made so many of my dreams come true, and it h as worked for thousands of others, too.

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Dec 21st, 2011

Happy holidays! I just wanted to dash off a quick note blessing you for a wonderful holiday.

We are in Los Angeles, celebrating with family and friends. Since our youngest boys are ages 5 and 9, Christmas is a major deal for us. They pump the excitement level up to about a 9!

For me, it has been a big year. One Caribbean island a month for the winter was quite a ride, and I taught two new telecourses this year (my 2nd and 3rd ever). We have a ton of marriages from both, and even babies in the works from the one in February! I am most proud of getting the Coach & Practitioner Success Manual out -- that has been on my Bucket List because I love supporting colleagues.

Everyone is saying that 2012 will be a banner year, and I believe it! I am wishing the BEST for you, and I have a feeling you will see some lifelong dreams come true in the next 12 months.

I am sending you my support for a heart-warming holiday!


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Many that I work with have a false idea about how love will happen for them. They think there should be measured, obvious progress that leads in a logical way to love. Wrong! Love simply does not work that way.

Love happens in an instant, and your life is changed for good. What I see happen to those doing my work is that one minute you're in a dating desert and the next, you're wildly in love and cannot believe how well it's going. It could even happen over the holidays, which is a frequent occurrence, so do stay open.

The more that you change your idea about love progress, the quicker that life-changing instant will occur and the more you'll enjoy these, your last single days. Here are some ways to speed up your journey into the arms of your One.

1. Get better at looking for signs of your progress. Your dating dessert isn't so stark if you examine it better. Count changes you see in yourself, your growth, as progress to love. If you feel like you are transforming, rest assured you are in a dynamic process that won't fail you. Let this reassure you that love is fast approaching.

2. Quit beating the drum of lack. Every time that you write on my Facebook wall "he's not here yet" or commiserate with your friends on how brutal dating is, you delay love a bit. You're labeling yourself as a "have not," which is the lowest level of attraction. Love simply cannot happen in this environment. Feel faith, speak faith and remind yourself that love could happen any time.

3.Make it real in your mind. Rather than getting caught up in where you are and how lonely it is (see #2 above), get busy imagining how good it will be when love arrives. Embellish your imaginings, plan for courtship and as you keep your eyes trained on where you're going, you'll get there easier & faster.

4. Enjoy every moment. Even if you're worried about experiencing the holidays alone, look for the fun and connection rather than dwelling on your current state. Remember that these are your last single days, so you need to relish them. Many tell me their last solo holiday is one they remember fondly, because they enjoyed it so well that it helped bring love quickly thereafter.

I cannot WAIT to hear about your instant - that moment that you come together with your One. Because you may have had some bumps on the road or waited a bit longer, you will enjoy love more than anyone you know, and you'll never take it for granted!

Heartbreak Corner: The Attachment Bond

If you are struggling to get over a breakup, be aware that one reason it's so hard to get over it is a thing called "limerance." Psychologists coined this term for the love bond that is addictive. It mimics the strong bond we form with a parent when we are young. Not only is this bond emotional, but it is also chemical in nature, so that it may feel like you're dying or the pain is too much to bear when you try to let go.

There is only one way to break this addiction, and that is to release it, firmly, then bite the bullet and go through the ensuing pain. If you've ever gotten over someone before, you can release this bond, too. The VofA (my nickname for the Voice of Attachment) will tell you that this is your soulmate, that there can be no greater love than this, but the minute you break the bond, those feelings go away.

I support you in breaking this bond and getting on with your l ife!

Attachment to an ex is by far the biggest block people have to love. The easiest path to release and to your One are Kathryn's Releasing a Person and Manifesting Love CD's, experienced in succession. The CD's are available in a package together as downloads. Order this money-saving package of love life boosters here.

In a Relationship? Communication

Communication, keeping your ties steady, is one of the best ways to keep a relationship solid. You two should be able to say most anything to each other, which creates a great closeness that is unshakeable.

If this is hard for you, work on being more honest with your love. And if it's difficult for you to bear honesty from your mate, work on not taking things personally.

Honesty is also an amazing aphrodisiac. If you've held resentment, you may no longer feel so attracted to your love. But the minute you open your heart and share, you will find yourself wildly passionate about him or her again.

To keep your relationship at the highest level or transform it into a soulmate one, the last Chapter of Kathryn’s book Love Will Find You is called A Relationship from Heaven. The book has been called a “marriage saver.”




Thanksgiving in Atlanta

I'm ASHAMED of myself for not updating the Blog more often, but that will change in January when I go to a new, easier format (look back here for that). We've been bopping between Chicago for a wedding, the U.S. South for Thanksgiving, NorCal for book signings and more, but mainly are sticking in LA until the new year. Yes, it's been busy, as usual.

The moment that you meet someone interesting, there is a tendency to get a bit crazy. What happens? Hope arises which in turn can bring up vulnerability, fear and anxiety. We used to see people in the Crisis Clinic suffering far too much over a new dating situation.

Because my work sees so much manifestation, we’ve had a rash of “no man’s land” panic lately. Up half the night waiting for a text. Agonizing on whether (s)he’s right or not. An anxiety attack over the thought of losing him while he’s on a trip.

My advice? Calm the heck down. Here’s how:

1. Remember that God doesn’t meet you ½ way or ¾ of the way. You GET your soulmate, no matter what.

2. Remind yourself that we all have different communication styles and some people might not phone as often. It doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

3. Get busy with your life. Do not hover over the phone or keep checking for emails. As things blossom, you’ll have less time, so get your ducks in a row now. It’ll take your mind off the obsessing.

4. Take heart in the fact that you’ve met someone interesting. If you’ve set an intention for soulmate love, it’s already a done deal. This interest – regardless of whether it leads to more – is a sign you’re heading in the right direction.

Bottom Line: don’t let fear take away from your relishing this experience. You get love no matter what, so why not relax into the deliciousness of this interaction?

Here's to a FUN dating experience!


August 29th, 2011

Cover of San Diego Magazine the Week We Were There - ha ha!
 Dear One,

It has been super busy, and I apologize for not updating sooner.

There is a period of time that I call no man’s land. It’s the time that starts when you connect with someone interesting up until there is a commitment (if one happens). This is the most crazy-making phase of dating I’ve ever seen (self-induced). If you’ve experienced “no man’s land,” keep reading for some tips on less suffering and more enjoyment.

Spiritually speaking, we are so deeply hardwired for freedom that it can make unavailable people look good. It keeps US free (yes, this can mean YOU are unavailable!) if we pursue or wait for someone unavailable.

Attracting unavailable people and worse, paying attention to them (as in – giving them the time of day) can delay your journey into the arms of your soulmate. Some tips on dealing with unavailability:

1. When someone says they’re unavailable, they discreetly may be leaving off the words “to you.” Believe them and move on.

2. You may be chronically hanging out with unavailable types, even attracting them, because YOU’RE the unavailable one. If so, work on dissolving your fears about going deep into love so you can be available for the love you want.

3. It’s okay to go slow and make yourself available gradually, rather than all at once. If done not from fear, but from legitimate honoring of one’s self, this is a powerful step. And you may not feel available right away, taking time to warm up and trust your love interest. That’s ok.

4. It’s enticing to dance around with someone unavailable. The longing & obsessing can be enjoyable, in a strange way. And further, the elusive one can become an object to be attained, a challenge. However, this has nothing to do with love – which is why once the object of attention is gained, it can lose the allure.
At its worse, unavailability becomes a game that delays love and while perversely enjoyable, will hijack your beeline to love. The good news is that as you come together with your soulmate, (s)he will be completely available to you and vice versa PLUS the allure is there and proves to be lasting.

Heartbreak Corner: The Bat

Attachment can sometimes make people self-flagellate. In my June once-a-year Releasing a Person Workshop, a number of people came up to me upset that their ex seemed to be living the high life with their new love, whilst they were suffering badly from the breakup, unable to move on. It made things worse as they tortured themselves with thoughts of their ex in the throes of ecstasy.

Give me a break! They really didn’t know what the ex was enjoying or not enjoying because they were not in the ex’s shoes, but they were using the thought of the ex as a weapon to wallow in their misery. Why do we do this to ourselves? It is more painful than hauling out a bat and beating yourself about the head (seriously).

If you have been guilty of beating yourself up with thoughts of someone else thriving as you suffer, stop that! Put down the bat and learn a new pattern. The best way to do so is to determinedly turn your thoughts back to your own life – to where you want to go and focus on that. It’s the quickest way to move on into your own love dreams, which are even juicier than the ones you’re casting others in (and will happen as you move on).



July 19, 2011

My 2nd Birthday :-)

Hi from LA, where it’s so fun to celebrate my and others’ birthdays with family and friends – there’s no place like home!

Why Being Lonely is a Good Thing

If you are single and feel moments of loneliness, this is a good thing. It is indicative that you have a vacuum in your life, a space for love to come into. Being lonely means that you are wide open for The One.

This void, though it may feel empty and hard to deal with, is something to be guarded. The temptation may be to fill the loneliness with anything that comes along like a casual date or an old flame, but avoid doing so.

You don't want to start seeing someone just to fill the loneliness. It would be easy for you to try and make someone fit in there, but instead, imagine that this loneliness is a treasured place within you, only to be filled by your One, your soulmate. Treat it as sacred and don't easily let someone into this space.

In moments where your loneliness flairs, try the following:

1. Take a moment to be grateful that you feel lonely, knowing that the opening for your soulmate is intact and magnetizing him or her to you.

2. Send love to your soulmate wherever (s)he may be, knowing that you'll be together soon.

3. Release any impulse to take a stopgap measure to fill the loneliness such as late night dialing or making a date with someone you're not that interested in. Better to daydream about your soulmate instead.

4. Don't respond to a feeling of loneliness by letting it get you into a desperate state. Desperation repels, and it can lead you to bad decisions.The more you can start labeling your loneliness "good," the sooner you will be with your love, as this loneliness is a powerful attractor for your soulmate.

To take a powerful step toward the love of your life, look for Kathryn's brand new, low-cost ebooks on Amazon including the 99 cent Finding Forever Love.

Heartbreak Corner: The Biggest Delay to Love

There are numerous things that can delay love for you. In fact, ANY time you have a negative thought about love, you may delay it. But the biggest delay of all is hanging on to a past love.

The attachment that we can get to an ex can be as powerful as that we had to our parents as infants and can be tough to shake. And it can keep you unknowingly UNAVAILABLE for your soulmate.

There is also the tendency to think of a past love as the best you could ever hope for (at least until you meet someone better, your soulmate.) Keep in mind that the best is yet to come, and this faith can make it much easier to let go so you can be free for full-on, 100% right love.  

To let go once and for all and quit delaying the love of your life, get the RELEASING A PERSON CD or ebook. This work is extremely powerful and has helped thousands to get beyond an attachment and move on to soulmate love. To grab your copy, click here.  

To Go Further in This Effective Work

Kathryn' s  Finding Forever Love ebook is available on Amazon. It will jumpstart you into her effective "love attraction" process. A fast and easy read, it's a great starting point to travel quickly toward your soulmate. Click here to get it.

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A term that you often hear in the singles world is dating "out of your league". If you’ve been doing my work for a while, you can predict what I’m about to say.

There is no such thing as dating out of your league. We are all equals and any concept that negates that truth is doomed to fail. But too many buy into it, getting intimidated by someone they find hot (who by the way, is MOST LIKELY to be your soulmate). Thinking this way needlessly delays love.

The most effective thing you can do to come together with your soulmate is to get RID of limited thinking like this – it can hold you back. How?

1. Shore up your self-esteem. The more you elevate your sense of self-worth (as opposed to tearing your love interest down, something that some dating systems advocate!), the easier it will be to approach and connect with someone you find attractive.

2. Strive to see those you have deemed intimidating as human, just like you. They’re breathing the same air, need to be heard and may just be your soulmate, since one indicator of soulmate love is crackling chemistry.

3. Don’t cast yourself as undeserving feeling like you have to EARN love or bend over backwards to make it work. You deserve love just by your very existence and working for it sets up a bad dynamic.

4. Get USED to connecting with those you find hot. Look into their eyes, give a little smile, perhaps a wink and even say something. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to realize that no one is ever too good for you.



May 31st, 2011

Julian and Me in a Caribbean Cave

It has been a whirlwind of a month that saw us leaving Antigua to spend our last two weeks in the Caribbean in the Virgin Islands. Six islands in two weeks might have been pushing it but it was great! Then, back to the US after 5 months in the Caribbean to attend my firstborn, Calvin's, college graduation in Monterey (congrats, honey!) and then it was off to Las Vegas to warm up.

So many lament to me that they either seem to meet someone solid to date or someone exciting, elusive and erratic. It can seem like a standoff between a safety blanket versus wild chemistry. I have a strong opinion on this.

I simply do not believe in tradeoffs. In love, it does not have to be one or the other. Love knows no limited. You CAN have it all. If you find yourself dating either someone dull to you or someone exciting but unavailable, it is most likely that you’re simply not with your soulmate yet. Your soulmate will be someone with whom you have a solid relationship that remains exciting.

Here’s how to discern your best course to soulmate love:

1. If the exciting person you long for is not exhibiting similar enthusiasm for you, let go. Have faith that someone who is both fascinating and crazy over you is in your future. It’s much easier than banging your head against the wall of unavailability.

2. If you’re dating someone who seems solid, secure but a bit boring, don’t give up on it quite yet. Try doing some exciting things together, go deeper in conversation and then gage if the relationship feels dynamic. If it is, the jury should remain out. Sometimes as people open up, the excitement factor heightens.

3. Remember that you never have to settle – for either someone who is boring OR unavailable. Your soulmate will offer you a safe, secure relationship that is also exciting. Be willing to hold out for THAT person. (S)he will be worth the wait.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Julian and Me - Antigua Sailing Week
Hi from Kathryn

Hi from Antigua where we are having a ball during the Classic Yacht and Sailing Week regattas! The beaches here are outrageously beautiful and those we've met live fascinating lives.

I took French in school and always loved the term laissez-faire, which means an attitude of letting things take their course. It’s not a bad principle to use in dating – to a point. The goal is to not date long but date well without stressing yourself out. Here are some do’s and don’ts for The Laissez-Faire Dating Strategy.

1. DO kick back and enjoy the ride. Rather than get anxious to immediately find the right person, it’s much more enjoyable to vow that you’ll have fun getting to know people with the faith that your One will show up.

2. DON’T force things. Don’t push. Don’t get desperate. Don’t over reach out. It’s critical not to try to make someone fit when they’re just not IT. And trying to force something that is not going never works. Worse, if you get desperate because your date’s response is underwhelming, you will literally push them away. Desperation repels.

3. DO let a relationship grow naturally. You cannot skip or even expedite the natural process of dating. And getting overanxious doesn’t help. As long as the relationship remains dynamic with both parties interested, you can trust that it will take care of itself. You don’t have to MAKE anything happen.

4. DO let things flow. If you turn in the direction where things are flowing, it’s the fastest path to your soulmate. Even if you have to pull back or wait a bit, your One is worth the wait. When their soulmate arrives, many are taken aback at how EASY things go.

5. DO limit how laissez-faire you get. Don’t just drift along for months or years, knowing it won’t work out or trying to make it fit when it’s not working. Abandon laissez-faire in favor of a DECISION so that you move on into something that’s right once you see it’s wrong. This is where you reach the limit of being laidback. And if you just take what comes your way for fear of being rejected, you probably have a pattern of settling, and this is where you’ll need to learn to be pro-active.

I bless you for easy dating!




Pirates of the Caribbean, St. Lucia Style

Hi from St. Lucia! We've had a lovely month here and are just about to hop to our NEXT island, Antigua. I have to say that spending the winter in the Caribbean has been amazing.

For people who are with their soulmates, Valentine’s Day can be a non-issue. Every day feels like Valentine’s Day, and there are so many occasions – anniversary, holidays, birthdays – that not all need to be super special and some of the most romantic times arise unexpectedly.

Those who seem to suffer the most are people who don’t yet have their Valentine (and I would look at it THAT way – that your Valentine is on the way but not here yet). Why?

If you’re not with your valentine, you can feel left out. People around you might be getting flowers or going out but you’re not.

My Recommendations
1. Remind yourself that when your One comes along, it will make up for every single bad V. Day you’ve ever had. You’ll be too busy being happy to even remember this one.

2. Go ahead and further the “soul call” that I hope you’ve sent (if you do my work, you have) by buying a card or gift for the love of your life in advance. It’s an affirmation for what’s coming and it’s super fun to give your love this gift next year or even on your wedding day.

3. Affirm that by next Valentine's Day, you will have romantic time with your One and be glad this year has passed.

For a bit of cheer, in the event you're still RECOVERING from this holiday, check out my uplifting Valentine's Video by clicking the link to be reassured that love is on its way and you're FINE (the truth).



Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boating in Barbados
I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! As I write, we're just ending our 2 weeks in Barbados, after enjoying Jamaica for 5 weeks. Next up is St Lucia, where we'll spend a month. I have to admit that exploring the Caribbean this winter is the best romantic gift a gal could ask for from her soulmate (thanks, honey!)

January 2011

Hi! We've spending most of January and at least part of February in Jamaica, mon, and enjoying it! Right now, our all-inclusive resort has got us eating & doing too much, but it's all fun and the weather can't be beat. Our eyebrows have all disappeared, and we've got tans, too.

Bringing on Love in 2011!

Are you determined that 2011 is the year you get your soulmate? Or at least hoping? There are ways to ENSURE that it is by doing some strong intention-setting and then backing that up with some changes.

1. Write down what you want in love. Get specific & do this with feeling. Decorate it, light a candle over this intention & bless it.

2. Send love to your One. This person you’re calling forth is out there now, living & breathing & looking for you, too. A soul call, an invitation to join you in your life, is quite powerful.

3. Get hopeful, eradicate blocks. You’re going to have to ensure that you’re open to love. If you’ve been cynical, find some faith that yes, you GET LOVE! (true) If you’re hanging on to a past love, let go into a vision of something better.

You have every hope for love and let’s get determined that this year is IT for you! I am with you.

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Our June 2011 Love Attraction Coach Training is now open for enrollment and quite a few of the spaces have been taken. This program gets more kudos than any other trainer training for its emphasis not only on schooling you in this magical material that has brought love to thousands but ALSO in making a career of it.

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