Feburary 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! For singles, Valentine's Day often brings up sadness and feeling left out. But take heart -- your Valentine may not be here yet, but when (s)he shows up, it will make up for every disappointing V. Day you've had.

Here's a video from me to give you something quite uplifting you can do today. And when people follow my directions, they end up actually giving the gift or card to their One. One woman bought a wedding dress which she hung in her room :-). And while her friends laughed, she ended up wearing that garment down the aisle to marry her soulmate.

Valentine's Day Blues Video - click here to view

I hope you'll spread the love today, and honor yourself, too.

Oh, and I'm teaching my once-a-year Create-a-Mate telecourse in February and March. It's almost full, but even if you've missed your spot, you can still sign up for the free teleseminar I did last week: Soulmate Magnetization & Recognition. A recording is available for a brief time.

Have a good one!

lots of love,