Q: Kathryn, I'm in my late 50's and have not dated in 5 years. I rarely meet anyone age appropriate or attractive to me and I’m ready to give up on love.

Has love passed me by? Is it too late for me? I'm really scared that is true. I don't feel very attractive either and see an older woman now when I look in the mirror. Who would want me?

A: Are you kidding me?! We need to work on your very limited belief. That's the only thing keeping love away from you.

A couple of summers ago, we had a  rash of 50-somethings and seniors getting married. And it keeps on coming.

I'm known for helping those who are no longer spring chickens to find love.

These people were and are happier than teenagers experiencing first love, and I’m thrilled for them.

You may know that I teach that love knows no boundaries like age. It’s never too late for love. I'm sure that's why you're writing.

If you’re ready for it to be your turn, then, here’s what will help instead of you to give upon love.

1. Remember that love can happen at any time. Keep your hopes high, and look for the love stories that remind you that you have every hope for love. Don’t give up on love.

2. Look for your blocks. You didn’t have to wait for love this long. Something is delaying you. Get to the bottom of it & let go of whatever is holding you up. Common blocks are: fear of commitment, past trauma, freedom issues, feeling unworthy of love, a bad pattern and hanging on to the wrong person.

In your case, I'm sure one of your blocks is thinking you're over the hill. You're not. If you haven't met your soulmate, the best is yet to come so don’t give up on love yet.

3. Send out a soul call & stay at Soulmate Level of Attraction. Do an energetic invitation for your soulmate to come NOW, and get happy and hopeful. This is an environment in which love can come quickly  . . . even if you’ve waited far too long.

Do sign up for my upcoming free class "Become Irresistible." I'll show you how to make age completely irrelevant in your quest for love and how to end your dating desert once & for all.

Q: Kathryn, I did something really stupid on a date, and he has not called since. It was the 4th date with a guy a really, really like. I kind of told him about a relative's wedding in four months and implied we were going together. His eyebrows raised. I didn't mean it to slip out, but I do futurize about him in my head. He's just so perfect -- exactly what I've been looking for.

He was a bit distant after that, and I just felt like a fool. I'm sure I stumbled as I changed subjects. He dropped me off, saying he'd call but hasn't and it's been a couple of weeks. He used to call every few days.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve this? Or should I give up? How can I avoid this kind of thing in the future? I feel like I always mess things up.

A: I would give him one more chance. Send him a short text to ask how he's doing, and after that, just relax. It's not the best to trot out an agenda too soon or futurize before you see where it's heading. If you're ahead of them, giving them time to catch up is a good idea.

However, having said that I have a comforting thought for you:

 You CANNOT SCREW UP with your One. Not possible. When you are with your soulmate, even if you behave badly, even if you fumble and all of your insecurities are up, you will not be able to scare him or her away.
 I have countless stories of this being the truth about soulmate. While it is not an excuse for you NOT to deal with those places in you that need healing (you will have to learn to behave better as part of your spiritual journey), your imperfections and screw-ups won't deter true love from you.
 I have worked with hundreds of people who have had a REALLY bad first date and yet ended up with the person. Why? Because they were both VERY interested in one another and so nervous that the date was an absolute disaster.

 One woman had a hot flash right in the middle of a date, and her date, instead of being disgusted, thought it endearing. He had the waiter bring a fan and some ice for her. They later married!

 When your date is interested in you, it keeps them hanging in even through awkwardness, nervousness and feet in mouths :-). I've also seen many stories of someone freaking out in a relationship, behaving badly or disappearing altogether, and yet still it works out in the end.

 Take heart that you can't screw up something that was meant to be. It will work out. Use this to go forward with confidence and to alleviate your fears. It will make the journey to love much easier.

I'd love you to sign up for my upcoming free class Become Irresistible. I'll show you how to attract someone who's even hotter and who will not even blink an eye if you drop a comment about a wedding a few months in the future. He'll be GLAD of it because he knows it means you're thinking of seeing him in the future.

Q: Kathryn, I've heard you talk about this before, and it applies to me.

I have a fear that somehow I'm left out of love.

I cannot stand when people ask me, "why are you not married?" thinking it's a big compliment, which makes me feel worse.

It's gotten so bad that I just skipped a friend's wedding. I'm happy for her but just feel so frustrated and jealous.

I know that's not honorable, and it tears me up to admit it, but I could not face it.

Please help! I know this frame of mind will repel love. What can I do to get over this secret fear I have?

A: I'd say around 90% of people I work with who found love using my work all had this fear.

I'm known for helping the holdouts -- those who can't find love easily -- to connect with their soulmate.

And there's a secret to it. It's easy once you learn it, but it's pretty hard to summarize it here.

But let me give you a hint -- you mentioned this in your question

You are repelling your soulmate

As long as you doubt yourself, you cannot possibly turn the magnet on.

We must get you up to the Soulmate Level of Attraction.

At that stage, you put out a signal that pulls your soulmate to you very quickly.

For some, this has taken only seconds.

A lot of other dating material resonates at the wrong level, even when it sounds good. And that stuff is destined for failure.

At the Soulmate Level of Attraction, you feel hopeful, you walk in who you are and you connect well.

None of this is hard to learn. I've taken even the shyest person and shown her how to do it.

So you can, too.

So my answer is that it's NOT YOU, it's just what you're doing. And it can be easily fixed.

I hope you'll sign up right now for my upcoming free class "Become Irresistible" where I'll reveal how to apply this process for instant results.

It's the same process that every single person on my wall of weddings used.

I bless you for finally getting the love you so deserve -- you've just been doing it wrong, and it can change quickly.

I'm sending you love & support for just that!

Q: Kathryn, I'm at one of my lowest points right now. A couple of months ago, I had a really bad break-up.

I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, and we broke up. To pile it on, I did find romance again quickly, but I know it was too soon and for the wrong reasons. Turns out Guy #2 was sleeping with his female room-mate the whole time we were going out. She got my cell number and texted to inform me of this, which sent me into a huge tailspin.

I feel like I never want to date again. I trust zero guys. What did I do to have so much bad luck in love? And what can I do now? I'm ready to give up entirely on love. Please help!

A: Don't give up on love! We just need to adjust some things, learn the lessons you've gained from this and move on. Just because you've had a couple of bad experiences, it doesn't mean you need to throw in the towel on love.

There really are much better guys out there, and your soulmate would never hurt a hair on your head.

Clearly, your point of attraction after the break-up -- when you were already feeling so bad -- was not at a good place, so sadly, it makes sense that you would attract another bad situation.

Let me tell you the story of one client I worked with. Here's what happened:

 • Her boyfriend left her for her best friend. She was devastated and just looking for anything to feel better.

• She started dating and was attracting horrible dates. One date hit on every friend of hers at a brunch she took him to. She was so embarrassed and at an all time low.

• This is when she came to me. I asked her to lay off dating until we could elevate her point of attraction.

• We raised her standards for herself and worked on having hope again, realizing there were still plenty of great men out there and that she could have faith that her soulmate was there. I reassured her that her soulmate was head and shoulders above these guys she had been hurt by.

• She started treating herself better as part of raising her standards.

• She got less desperate, realizing that she had attracted the brunch player date out of sheer desperation to feel better after the hurtful break-up in which she lost both her boyfriend and her best friend.

• After a short break from dating and doing this inner work, she met her soulmate. She had to get used to him buying jewelry for her, taking her on trips and honoring her in every way. He could not see past her, and she couldn't believe this hunky guy was so into her.

• The two are now married with kids. She feels that her horrible break-up and dating experiences were just a bad dream, she's so happy now.

We can apply this work to your situation, too:

1. Try to imagine a time when this current reality you've just been through feels like a bad dream. This, too, shall pass.

2. Start looking for better guys -- anyone you know or in the media that reminds you there are so many honorable, monogamous good guys around including your soulmate.

3. Treat yourself well and have better standards for yourself. Give yourself the luxury of time to see who someone is before getting too involved with them.

4. Have hope and be patient. You do need some recovery time for this, but it in no way means you don't get love. You do get your soulmate, that is assured. So let's put this in the past, let go and move on.

I'm sending you much love & support for better in your life! You'll get it.