One of the biggest questions I get from singles is how to connect with someone super attractive to them.

No matter how outgoing you are, you can get tongue-tied when faced with a hottie. Fear of rejection or sheer intimidation can kick in.

If you do not learn to connect with those you are attracted to you, you rule out those most likely to be your soulmate. So, we HAVE to tackle this issue!

Here's my easy two step formula to learning to connect with those you are attracted to:

1. Boost yourself up. Remind yourself you are not chopped liver. Put yourself up on that pedestal with this hottie, and remember that they are lucky to connect with you. You are a good conversationalist, and have something they want.

2. Be sensitive to this person. Rather than trying to come across as a big wit, put on your listening cap and think about who this person is and what (s)he might need. Ask him or her a question. Bring them out, and you don't have to worry about what to say.

You don't want to approach them with any big agenda. Instead, the sole intention is to connect. The rest can come later.

I have had a phenomenal success rate with the shy and the introverted by using this method, which plays to their strengths.

You will get better with practice, so my challenge to you is to try this method on 3 people you are attracted to this week.

Hi, there! I did a lot of videos whilst on my Teaching Tour this summer to answer some of the questions you all have been sending me. Here's a video on a question I often get:

"Do I have to get 'out there' to find love?"

My answer may surprise you because I'm the ONLY dating coach I've ever encountered who says this.

And yet it proves true over & over in the love stories we get from my work!

Check the video out now and subscribe to me on Youtube for more videos. Enjoy.

p.s. Hit up the comments section to put your question in for me. I may answer it next :)