At long last (and I know you've been asking for a while), we've released the 5th and final video in my Breakup Recovery series just today.

This one is called "How to Get Your Ex Back" and you can find it here:

We have this weird phenomenon of people's former flames coming back when they do my release process

Yes, you can get them back, but should you? 

Be warned that only 10% of the time does it STICK.



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The answer to this week's question may seem weird but it's amazingly powerful.


Q: Kathryn, I met a guy recently through a friend, and we really seemed to click. We went out, and it went well. We made out a little bit, and I even thought perhaps he could be the One. He just had so much that I was looking for.

He said he'd call, but I've waited and waited. And he has never asked me out again. I've tried to find out what happened through my friend, but I don't want to seem pushy and we don't talk that often.

This is a pattern for me. It's happened more than once, and I'm baffled and hurt.

Why did he not call? Is it me?! Did I do something wrong? What can I do to avoid this ever, ever happening again?

A: You're not alone. I hear this kind of story all the time. It's a pattern caused by your energy and the way you date.

Imagine exuding an energy to get a man you really like, to desire you, fall for you, and feel like he cannot wait to pin you down for another date.

Imagine being able to make a man who has lost interest in you suddenly perk up when he sees you.

Imagine dating so well that you get lots of interest, and very quickly seal the deal with The One.

You may know this is something I teach, and it's why I have a huge wall of weddings -- of people who, like you, had a bad dating pattern and felt there was something wrong with them.

So what is the wildly effective method to never repeat this pattern again?

1. Watch your energy. If you exude even a hint of desperation, then guess what? Men sense it and change their mind about you even if they liked you at first. Desperation repels.

There's something I teach called the Levels of Attraction, and if you're at Soulmate Level, you will never, ever have this experience again and go quickly into love. This is something revealed in my Soulmate Bootcamp.

You will never look at love the same way once you know this secret.

2. Also, check yourself to see if dating disempowers you. All sorts of confidence issues and insecurities arise when you are dating.

The quality I've dubbed the "Universal Attractant" is confidence. As you gain it -- and there is a proven way to do so -- then all of sudden people come out of the woodwork interested in you.

One key to my high success rate in love is instilling in people an awareness of who they are and teaching them how to date in a confident way. It makes ALL of the difference.

3. What's your script?

If you keep getting the same results over and over -- like a fizzled romance that seemed promising, you've got an undesirable script that we have to get rid of.

A script is an energy we have about us that teaches people how to treat us. We have different scripts in different parts of our lives and in dating, no doubt your script could use some tweaking.

The "Universal Attractant Kit" program includes a bonus called "Changing Your Script" that shows you how to alter your script for immediate and very fun results.

One woman who had always been ignored had 3 guys begging for her number when she dropped by a party for only an hour.

I bless you for getting beyond this pattern.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you can change everything with these 3 tweaks.