Dec 19, 2012

Hi, there! We're right in the middle of our week of FREE ebooks, and I thought I'd make sure you know about it.

The holidays are a rough time for many, and I'd love to help you out. The FREE offerings below, all new, will give you some cheer & concrete tools to get you through.

Being single through the holidays can be challenging. Family dysfunction, stress and a crowded schedule can also make it tough.

Here's a little gift from me that can help:

Tuesday, Dec 18th - FREE ebook Finding Forever Love

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Wednesday, Dec 19th - FREE ebook Releasing a Person

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Thursday, Dec 20th - FREE ebook Manifest Your Soulmate

My famed process of calling in love. The "soul call" is irresistible and has worked for tens of thousands of people.

Enjoy! I send you my love & support for getting through the holidays EASILY and even having some fun!!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are spending the day with family & friends. I’m making deviled eggs and a tofurky roast for those vegetarians amongst us.

I hope you have a wonderful day, as we express gratitude for all that we have.

On that note, we begin a special phase today of accelerated manifestation that includes Step 1 of what I call the 1-2-3 Punch.

I always find it useful to acknowledge this and use the heightened period to consciously create the next intention that we want.

If you are ready for your soulmate, we’re exploring Step 2 on Tuesday with a free teleseminar called “Love Sabotage.” You can sign up for it here:

In this blog, I’ll teach you the first step of the 1-2-3 Punch to manifest. Stay tuned for Steps 2 and 3 in future newsletters.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


The 1-2-3 Punch

The holidays offer a period of time in which we can manifest more easily than usual: moving from one year to another, time out from usual activities plus a chance for celebrating.

If you have a strong wish for change in your life, it’s a great time to capitalize on this opportunity – starting now.

Even if you are not in the U.S. where today we give thanks for what we have, it’s the perfect time to begin this process. It follows a natural phase that occurs during the
next few weeks.

This exercise is one of conscious life evaluation and resetting for your next wishes.

Step 1: THANKSGIVING. Today (or over the long weekend), make a list of everything you are grateful for in your life. From simple things like your health, your breath and the sunshine to blessings during this past year, really stop to appreciate your year’s highlights.

You can ritualize this – as we do – by speaking a couple of your gratitude highlights together in a group round robin. Or do it privately alone or with one or two people. As you
take this step, really give thanks for what 2012 has brought – the good things.

Step 2 - Step 2 has to do with release. I will talk more about this step in my next blog and then, Step 3 of this magical process closer to the end of the year. I have used the 1-2-3 Punch to manifest as many as TWENTY-THREE intentions in one year. I’d love you to have that same success!

I’m doing a free teleseminar this coming Tuesday called “Love Sabotage” to honor Step 2 – getting rid of any pattern that may have thwarted you in your wishes for your soulmate. I’d
love you to join us. Sign up here:

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LOVE SABOTAGE: Quit Repelling Romance
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This teleseminar is designed to make you aware of how you 
affect what you manifest, often without even knowing it . . . and adjust your energy to produce just WHAT YOU WANT!!

A MAGIC practice that can turn around any situation

This may be IT -- the one ingredient you need to at long 
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November 9, 2012

Cuddling at the Pumpkin Patch Farm
I hope you are doing well wherever you are & whatever your weather is doing. While we've been getting some rain in SoCal, where we've settled in for the holidays, our East Coast friends have been suffering with so much worse, and our prayers continue to be with you.

Next week, a miracle is occurring. I’ve got TWO free events in one week, and I hope you can come to at least one of them.

Occasionally, I get to mentor folks, and my only 2012 "business" teleseminar is coming right up next Wednesday: “3 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Practice.” If you’re at all interested in passive income, you should be there. To gain access, sign up here:

The other free event is a live soulmate workshop in my home town of Venice on Sat, Nov 17th. I’d love you and many other lovely singles to be my date that night. I like supporting independent bookstores and YOU. To find out about this free event (which will be crowded – get there early!), go to this link, and remember just to SHOW UP, no registration required.

Read on to find out my take on competition in love. And I hope to see you somewhere or another next week!


Competition in Love

I once worked with a woman who grew up on competition. She was a competitive swimmer as a teen from an over achieving family, and everything was turned into a horse race.

Sure enough, when it came to love, it always seemed that she was vying for a guy’s attention. Yet more proof that what you BELIEVE acts as true until you adopt a better belief.

The fact is that competition and love don’t mix. Even the IDEA of competition in love puts you at the lowest rung of attraction – one where soulmate love can’t happen – something you well know if you’ve ever heard me teach my 3 Levels of Attraction material (a recording that comes with the Soulmate Bootcamp.)

Competition will not produce soulmate love. Period. So with this client, we had to work on getting rid of a deeply engrained paradigm surrounding competing. Over and over again, we reiterated the fact that her soulmate would see only her. No one else would stand a chance with this hunk.

One date told her she was not as pretty as his ex. Out the door he went!

Another seemed to get off on pitting her against other females. Next!

Finally, a very attractive man made no bones about the fact that he was into her. She could not believe the “luck,” and had to get used to his undivided attention. He outshone anyone she had ever dated, and finally, she knew for sure that competing was not a part of real love. The two are now married.

To learn more about the 3 Levels of Attraction, don’t miss my rare, free live workshop on Saturday, Nov 17th in Venice, California. To find out where and when, visit this link:

(Just show up but come early -- there will be a crowd) 

Heartbreak Corner: The Ex is Dating 

While we are on the subject of competition, let’s talk about how this relates to your ex. So many I’ve worked with have made the mistake of thinking that their ex’s new love has something they don’t. They compare themselves unfavorably and feel inadequate.

Remember this: there is no rejection, just the wrong fit. If your ex was not your soulmate, it would never have worked out. There is nothing wrong with you! And you are not less-than!

If you have thought this or are thinking it now, work on your insecurities. You need to see how precious and lovable you are.  And once you are with your soulmate, you’ll see that in his or eyes, you can do no wrong.

Let me quote my old therapist Joyce Arohnson: “don’t let anyone take away your self-image.” Recovering from heartbreak is bad enough but piling on false ideas of your own inadequacy can produce needless misery.

I invite you to remember that you are more than enough, and a break-up has nothing to do with your supposed flaws.

In a Relationship? Jealousy 

A little jealousy can spice things up in a relationship. A LOT of jealousy means you’re insecure: particularly when your mate is giving you no reason to be green-eyed. Rather than get suspicious or ask for reassurance from your mate, curing jealousy is an inside job. Work on shoring up your own self-image.

Remember why your love fell for you in the first place. List the many reasons others have said they adore you. Add in your achievements and the things folks say make you special. Make note of all of the good times you've shared so far with your One, and regularly remind yourself: "I am a catch. I'm perfect, lovable and more than enough."

Overcoming jealousy can take some doing. Chip away at it, and you will gain new faith in both yourself and your love.

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Oct 5, 2012

The Kiawawa's, As We're Called :-)

Have I got a good story for you! I’m flying high right now, looking forward to weekend guests coming in today and four days of festivities, celebrating a very special wedding.

Every year a group of my high school buddies (we went to an all girl Episcopal school) reunite on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. We’ve marked all sort of life changes and milestones together and shared good times over the years.

Below is the story of one of them, and I know you’ll find it inspiring.

On another note, we’ve scheduled another Love Breakthrough Intensive in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks. The last one (in May) of these small groups filled up before I was ever able to let you guys know about it. If you’ve needed personal support from me or are ready for a breakthrough, this is a rare chance. Find out more here while we’ve got space.

See you soon!



The Happy Couple!
 An Inspiring Story

This story is about the wedding I’m attending this weekend, and the bride. She is 52 and has never been married until now.

She’s one of our group, and many years she felt that as we brought photos of babies and family news, she just had nothing to share. I felt for her and told her that her time would come.

She had always wanted children and was sure that this had passed her by, too. A successful actress with a vivacious personality, she worried she was too much for a guy to handle. She travels often, lives large and has boundless energy.

Her love life started getting more active. She had two false starts. For the first time, she found herself in two serious relationships in a row. Neither worked out, but she was creating a template of what it is like to be in a relationship, a novelty for this free spirit. And she was getting clearer on what would work for her and what wouldn’t.

Then, she met her guy. A widower with a small girl, he was everything she wanted. The first time I met him – on Venice Beach – I thought he was a camp counselor, he looked so young and in shape. She seemed younger with him. And he could keep up with her. A successful philanthropist and radio show host, he is always going on exciting trips, getting awards, exploring the world just like she enjoys doing.

And his girl! My friend has always been amazing with children, and she bonded quickly with her future child, taking her side, the girl’s point of view and doing special things for her.

This friend had to get used to a man adoring her and “getting” her. He lights up under the glow of her bubbly personality, sees how radiantly beautiful she is and brings out more of her wit as he appreciates every bit of her. Her independence does not threaten him but intrigues him.

It took her a while to trust that this was real, and he wasn’t going anywhere. It took him a while to convince her to marry him. But this weekend, it is happening. She has worn a beautiful engagement ring for a year now. They have remodeled his house in anticipation of her moving in. They had engagement parties in New York and Los Angeles. And now, the big day is here.

Our gals are all flying in from the East, some staying in our guest house. Now, our good friend has the best news of us all, far outstripping any of our previous news.

It’s been a long time coming, and today, I celebrate her and her groom. If you have worried that love has passed you by or if there really could be the right one for you, then take heart. Maybe you’re next! But one thing is for sure. You, too, get love, someone who gets you and who is the perfect fit.


Upcoming Events

As I conduct my sold-out “Date for Your Soulmate” Telecourse this fall, I don’t have much else slated.

However, we’ve scheduled another LOVE BEAKTHROUGH INTENSIVE in LA in 2 weeks. The first one sold out before we ever got to inform those on my list. Because these events are so small, there is not a lot of room, so check it out now if you have needed more personal attention from me to support you in what you want in your life. The Intensive is a VERY small group half-day with me plus two private phone sessions.

To find out more & grab your space, if you need it, click here or visit the below link:

Aug 29th, 2012

Youngest of 4 Boys, He is Tough But a Love
Happy Birthday, Julian!

On the 6th birthday of our youngest, I'm saying "hi" to you! Hope that you're having a great August. We are between trips 7 and 8 this summer, and after this, we're staying put for a while, and folks are coming TO US to visit.

I just became aware of how to see stats on the visitors I get to this blog, and I had NO idea how many of you visited it. Wow! I'm honored, and I promised to keep you uplifted and traveling toward love. (Hi, dad!)

If you have had trouble connecting with a love interest, then keep reading. I'll share with you some amazing ways to connect and even invite you to a free teleseminar coming up to help you out.

Here's to a GREAT end of summer! Let's have an amazing fall -- the perfect time for new beginnings -- as well.


Making Contact: 3 Mindblowing Secrets

Whenever I teach my yearly “Date for Your Soulmate” Telecourse,  peoples’ minds are blown at how easy it is to make contact once you gain a little know how. It is easier than you think to become a master connector so that after a conversation, someone simply cannot get you out of their head.

Here are 3 ways to make contact with someone you find attractive.

     1. Eyes establish eye contact. Look into the other person’s orbs to find the sacredness therein, and it fosters an amazingly deep connection. As you enter a conversation, focus your attention fully on the other person. Do not look away. Don’t check your cell or glance around the room. Act like they are the most fascinating person in the world.

2. Words – start a conversation – even if it is mundane. A
recent success story (from the above-mentioned telecourse) is a shy woman who finally broke out of her shell to speak to a handsome man in an elevator with her. It made the ride much less awkward, and he appreciated the contact. This chit chat fostered a relationship that is still going strong (& getting serious).

Listen more than you talk – with positive regard, even fondness. Look for similarities the two of you have. Smile and instead of trying to be a wit, foster understanding, and the results will be very pleasing to you.


3. Touch. We all like to be touched. And reaching out to another enriches any connection immensely and can foster chemistry, as well. Never cling or get needy, but from a space of wanting further contact, put your hand on the person’s forearm in a gesture of understanding as you converse. It might feel forced at first, but this will start feeling more natural to you.

There are times when your touch – just a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder or a quick caress on the head – will be more powerful than any words you could say.

These three easy ways of making contact come from the method that I teach called “Soulmate Level of Attraction.” As you inhabit that level, you become the most charismatic person in a room, no matter how shy or introverted you’ve been in the past.

 To go deeper into this work (making contact is the biggest block many have to love), do join me for my upcoming free teleseminar called “5 Irresistible Ways to Connect.” You can reserve your space by clicking here or visiting the below link:

August 3, 2012

Sailing in Cabo

Whew, am I glad to be home after 8 weeks of almost constant travel: Vegas, San Diego, Cabo, San Francisco, Seattle & Alaska! I have barely left the house in a few days. I cannot complain because Alaska was breath-taking and fun, and it was SO nice to meet many of you this summer during my teaching tour.

Flying Over Mt. McKinley (with oxygen!)

It is quite a summer. We’ve got a lot of engagements, weddings, pregnancies and babies from my followers, including one close to home – a wonderful wedding of someone I love who at age 53, is getting married for the first time, and it is a FAIRY TALE!

Read on for some inspiration. I asked a single friend what would help her the most in keeping the faith, and she said she wanted some hopeful stories. So that’s what you’ll find below.

Meanwhile, if you are new to my work and want to keep going with it or just need a boost, look for our 72 Hour Summer Sale next week. We don’t have that many sales, and they’re always juicy with big savings [put link to Shop page here] and some bonuses thrown in.

And if you’d like to go more portable – not waiting until retirement to take your dream trips – then sign up for the FREE teleseminar. I’m doing in a few weeks with my husband Jon for our Portable Lifestyle [do general link to website] company. Sign up here [link again]

Have a wonderful end of summer!


Soulmate Miracles

• From the 84 year old who recently got married to the very overweight woman fielding 3 proposals to the person with cancer complete with a bald head falling in love and then becoming cancer-free – I have lots of evidence that love knows no bounds.

• If you have been telling yourself the most common lie I’ve seen – that somehow you are left out of love – then, you will be hard put to find evidence to back that up. No, you are not the only single person in the universe who wants love but is somehow left out.

• Remember that if you have a desire for love in your heart, then you get it. You are not meant for love to dangle in front of you, always out of reach.

• You’ve simply given up too easily. But no matter your age, your physical situation or any other false limit you concoct, love is still yours. Those of us who have to wait longer get the very BEST love stories in the end and also get to be happiest, because it’s something we’ll never take for granted.

• My charge to you is to look for the hope. Gather love stories – from my work and anywhere you can – to bring you back to faith. Look for signs to tell you that love is coming for you, and you will see them everywhere. As you gain even a glimmer of reassurance, you will be in the arms of your “person” before you know it. I bless you for just that!

To dive into this work and make love happen faster, look for our 72 Hour Sale August 7 – 9 for some MAJOR savings and bonuses not gained any other way. It’s the perfect time to get the effective 30 Day Soulmate Bootcamp at big discount.

Heartbreak Corner: Release is All You Need

Love is like a cork you are somehow keeping down. All it takes is letting go of any attachment – to bad beliefs, despair and most especially to a person – to have that cork rise and love to appear.

I got reminded of this a few years ago when I was a keynote speaker at a conference. I was walking through the corridor, and I heard someone yelling to me “Kathryn, KATHRYN!” I slowed down and turned to see a women hurrying over to me with a toddler on her hip.

 Breathlessly, she thanked me for my Releasing a Person CD. She pointed to the child she was carrying (at which point I noticed she was pregnant, too!), explaining that he would not exist if not for my releasing work. It turns out she had been in a tortuous long-term, frustrating relationship when someone gave her my CD. She listened to it for 2 weeks straight and could feel herself shifting out of the miserable attachment, at long last.

A month later, she met her husband, and they quickly moved into a relationship so drama-free and amazing that it took a while for her to realize that it wasn’t too good to be true. The rest has been history. Commitment, engagement, marriage, a baby, another on the way, and happiness that she confessed she could not have dreamed of while in that bad relationship.

Moral of Story: no matter how hopeless you have been, a new beginning awaits you just on the other side of attachment. You just need to let go for that cork to bob right up to the surface.

Our Ultimate Release Superkit will be on sale during the upcoming 72 Hour Sale, and this comprehensive program of release -- which includes the Releasing a Person CD -- has worked on even the most painful and engrained attachment. If you need it, plan to get it at big discount during next week’s brief sale.

May 20, 2012

What a magical day our wedding was!

It has been busy, busy with Jon and I celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, his birthday, Mother's Day and baseball games. What a whirlwind this marriage has been! Two babies, two times around the world, a book, a business and much more. It still feels fresh and exciting, which I consider one of the hallmarks of soulmate love (you get this, too!)

Finally, I don't care if you've been single for 35 years -- which is the case for one of the recent success stories to join my "wall of weddings." You have every hope for love. And even when you're completely discouraged and ready to give up, it doesn't change the fact that there is someone for you. Read on for 3 reasons why you need not despair.


  • 3 Reasons You Can Skip the Despair

    How many times have I heard someone say "I'm ready to give up" or "I just can't do this any more" in regards to their love lives? Pretty regularly. I know it can be hard when your love life seems to be a "dating desert" or when you've been on your 15th disappointing coffee from

    You just don't have any more energy for getting knocked down again. No one does it for you. And if you meet someone interesting, they're either married or indifferent. Meanwhile, you're kicking yourself for screwing it up with your ex, because (s)he may be the best you can ever hope for.

    None of this changes the fact that you get love. There is someone looking for you right this minute. Here are 3 reasons why you need not despair.

    1. Remember it's a process. Every dissapointing date, every minute you've got a vacuum where love can come in (which can look like feeling lonely), brings you closer to love. Does a 1-year-old put their head in their hands and weep when they fall down for the 20th time in their quest to walk? Not usually. They just try again. You're well along your journey to love, so get up and keep going!

    2. You get to be happiest. If you have waited a while for love, you're the one who will never take it for granted when it comes. You held out for the Real Deal, your One, and it will be worth the wait. You didn't settle. And it will pay off as you pass everyone you know in the love department.

    3. Love can happen in an instant. For all you know, you may meet someone today or tomorrow. Love is not like a career where you experience a steady progress to success. You go from 0 to 90 in a single second. One minute, you're alone and the next minute, you're giddily in love, making plans for a life together. So, no matter how bleak it may look at the moment, it can and will change quickly.

  • Besides all of the above, despair can delay your progress, and we don't want THAT, right? So, chin up! You still have every hope for love, and I support you in remaining open and positive.