If there is something that eludes you, either one of two things are going on:

1) You are conflicted about it even if you think you want it.

For example, you want love but you secretly fear that if you find the right person, you’ll be stuck and lose your freedom.

When you’re not lined up with a dream, it is much harder to manifest it.

2) You have a long history of impossibility thinking about your desire. There’s so much negativity that you’re sure you can’t have it.

For example, one person I worked with had it drilled into her head since childhood that being wealthy was pie in the sky. She came from a working class family that struggled with money.

She was sure that prosperity was difficult. She could not have money until she let go of that large body of thought she had accumulated that affirmed she would always live hand-to-mouth.

Can you imagine having what you want or does it seem very far away?

If it’s the latter, you have some work to do.