Q: Hi Kathryn! My boyfriend and I split a few months ago, and I have to admit that the thought of him haunts me.

I can’t stop thinking about him! Even though there were good reasons why we broke up.

I wonder if I made a mistake.

And if I can even get him back if I wanted to.

What should I do? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please help!

A: Yes, you can get your ex back for sure

We have this whole phenomenon in my release work that caused us to put a warning on it, it’s so common for your ex to come knocking at your door once you undergo the letting-go process I teach.

SHOULD you want your ex back?

That depends. If it seems like you were not done and there was potential to grow, then maybe you need to give him another chance.

But only under certain conditions:

 He has to be eager to try again.

 You have to still want him & imagine being with him as a good thing.

 Your relationship can’t have been abusive or tear you down.

 You need to be able to see a future with him containing all that you want.

If it meets these criteria, then by all means, undergo the process to magnetize him back to you which is an inner process that will have him calling you up, texting you and begging for a meeting and another chance.
You can use the same process to make the relationship better than ever, too.

I bless you for finding the perfect love for you, your soulmate, whether it’s him or someone else.

Do you think you know everything about your mate? Wrong!

Every being is an endless well, and you can never get to the bottom of another person.

However, you can get into a rut where it starts feeling stale or old hat.

During our travels, I surprisingly learned a great deal about my husband of many years: things he knows (quantum physics), things he thinks about, things he can do (rescuing us in a storm on a sailboat, skillfully navigating a motorcycle even on wet, uneven pavement on a small island) and things he loves to do (driving in crazy, ridiculous traffic, like that of Paris and Thailand).

I challenge you to try a few new things this year in your relationship: go places, explore topics, take lessons, meditate together, hang out with new people, have some deep discussions. You will find renewal and the passion that goes along with keeping it dynamic, a delicious exploration of closeness.

If you are sick to death of being attached to someone who is not showing up, staying in a crazy love situation that has you off-balance or always falling for unavailable people and then being unable to shake the feelings for them, then I challenge you to try something different this year.

You really can let your past be your past, and turn over a new leaf. And I want this for you more than you know.

I recently got an email from a woman who spent 15 years of her life hanging on to past relationships while all she wanted was her true love. At age 40, weary of being so frustrated, she did my releasing work with a vengeance, met a whole new breed of guy (hot, available, into her), and it just WENT. She is now engaged, planning a fall wedding, a Moroccan honeymoon and starting a family quickly.

You can do this, too, no matter how wretched it has been. First comes the resolve, then the release and finally, the all-important replacement step.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, your 2017 intention for love may be first and foremost on your mind.

It’s a powerful time to call your soulmate in: the beginning of a new year, February 14th around the corner.

You just have to be willing to leave behind limits and accept the changes that will bring on love. Two keys are:

1) No longer giving in to negativity, limits or old, tired attachments: either in word, deed or thought. The more immaculate you can be in your energy, the faster things will go for you.

Example: no longer agree with your friends about how few prospects are out there or that all the good ones are married.

2) Keep your eyes on the future you want, the vision of your love intentions being realized. This means making peace with where you are now (giving it very little focus) and building an unbelievably rich “mental equivalent.”

Example: Imagine looking into your love’s eyes right now. The electricity, understanding & excitement. Reach out and touch him or her (in your