Q: Dear Kathryn, 

I am a fan of your work.

I'm a single woman in my early thirties and my track record with men has been disastrous.

The men I went out with abused me.

In spite of the abuse I received, I stayed because I thought being with someone was better than being alone (I've always had issues with abandonment.)

They ended up leaving me in the end. I was never loved. 

I discovered your work while surfing Amazon.com. Shortly thereafter, I met a guy who was completely different than my exes. He was attractive, kind, smart and treated me with decorum. I truly thought he was The One.

Then after two years of dating, he left me. Needless to say I was broken-hearted.

What went wrong for me? Am I destined to be alone? I fear opening again only to find a guy, who will leave me yet again.

A: I’m very proud of you that you’ve overcome settling for abusive guys. This is a huge step forward, and I know changing that pattern was not easy. To answer your question:

1) I call your experience a “soulmate benchmark.” It means that you had a breakthrough, and that counts. Even though it didn’t work out, rather than take it as another failure, I consider it a major step in the right direction, so keep going! You are unraveling years of a horrendous pattern, so it might take you a bit longer to get solid with a new one, but you’re doing super well.

2) Abandonment issues fly right out the window once you meet the love of your life, who will never abandon you.

3) Trying to avoid something (like future heartbreak) never works. It’s akin to the philosophy of not wanting anything, because then you won’t get disappointed. It’s best to have a vision of what you want instead and keep that in your heart.

4) You are NOT destined to be alone. The desires of our heart are put there by God, because we GET them. So, love is in your future, but you must consciously choose it. I really hope you will!

I would say 95% of those I work with have had a bad dating pattern that we transcended

And almost 100% secretly feared they would end up alone

0% -- NONE -- of them ended up alone in the end

Neither will you

 A recent client who got engaged spent 5 years as a single mom, and her longest relationship had been just 3 months

 She was sure she was unlucky in love and would never have it

 Plus she was ON HER KNEES with the weight of single motherhood plus her fears about love

 It was with great delight that we turned her around, got her more resilient with dating

 Yes, she weathered a couple of bumps in the road but met an amazing guy after 3 months, one far superior to any guy she'd ever dated

 This one stuck, and they are now getting married in a couple of months

 She is SO GLAD nothing ever worked out before, because she says she would never have been this happy with anyone else

So hang in there! You will have this, too. I affirm the best is yet to come!

Q: Kathryn, I've got a guy in my life who is totally frustrating. He comes on strong and then backs off. I'm quite addicted to him. But I fear he will never give me what I want. I seem to remember you talking about an eel, and I'd love it if you could give me some advice on what to do with this frustrating man.

A: You may not like my answer, but my question for you is how long do you want your life to be in limbo over this guy?!

 He will probably never give you what you want and deserve. Here's some more info on dealing with an eel.

 As you know, I often deal with people coming out of a divorce or breakup. Or those with an stubborn attachment to another person.

 Some of the worst cases of attachment I've seen come from people who got hooked by THE EEL.

 Definition of The Eel: someone who seems in your grasp, but then slithers away just when you thought it was going somewhere, only to reappear again as you give up hope. 

 This is akin to the mouse-cheese experiment so famous for explaining addictive attachment toward another person. The mouse would hurt itself when sporadically offered the cheese, whereas both the mouse who regularly got cheese and who never got cheese accepted the situation calmly.

 If you are being distracted by an eel, I invite you to adopt my rule concerning eels. Don't touch! Eels seem to somehow NEED to keep you dangling, and it can be terribly exciting playing this game, but it doesn’t produce a soulmate relationship. 

 My advice: recognize when you're swimming after an eel and change course. Yes, letting go of the hope will hurt, but every time someone swims in a different direction while doing my work, they end up finding their soulmate quickly. If you keep your eye on the love ahead waiting for you, it will make the release much easier. 

If you are in doubt about whether it can work out or not (and in most cases, you are simply in denial), I suggest this technique for seeing if this relationship is salvageable.

 When the suspected eel lets you down -- disappears, doesn’t call when (s)he says, suddenly wants to cool things down -- give him or her notice. You can do this playfully, s o it doesn’t become heavy, but draw a boundary here. “Flakes are just not my favorite cereal, if you get my drift. I’m liable to brunch elsewhere if it gets too flaky around here.” This takes back your power, while keeping it light. 

 Keep track with a three strike maximum limit. If eel-like behavior shows up three times, this is a trend. It’s too much to ignore. Unless you want to continue in a frustrating, uphill battle to make this person become reliable, I would bail at this point.

 Do some release work, and remind yourself that
your soulmate will leave no doubt that they want to be with you and they will be even hotter to you than the eel has been.

I bless you for moving on and being free to find REAL LOVE on the double. You just have to get past the pesky eel :)

Hey there, it's Kathryn and happy Valentine's Day!

Today's Q & A is an answer to what I did when I had my lonely Valentine's Days, and I hope it will help you, too

Have a great one!


Q:  Kathryn, you mentioned that you suffered through many lonely Valentine's Days, but right before your husband came, you made it into a day of hope. Can you tell me how you did that?

A: It was a process of gaining more faith. I accepted that for the time being, I was single, but affirmed that I would soon have Valentine's Day with my One. (And what I'd add for you is the reminder that once you're with your soulmate, it will make up for every lonely Valentine's Day you've had.)

Next, I would make sure to send some love to my guy on February 14th, wherever he was in the world (In hindsight, I now know he was not far away & looking for me, too).

Finally, I bought him a card that I knew I would one day give him. (Sure enough, I did give it to him: on our wedding day. And he shed a tear over it!) 

I suggest you do the same: send some love and buy your One a card or gift for future delivery. It's a great act of faith, and I"ll bet it'll make you feel good, as it did for me.

I bless you for using this day to hasten your journey into the arms of love.

Are you single and kind of dreading Valentine's Day? You are not alone. I have tons of emails every year from people in your same boat so take comfort from that. I'd like to help by reminding you of the following:

1. Valentine's Day was created by a chocolate company! It is a manufactured holiday and while, yes, it's fun to send love reminders to people, it is JUST ANOTHER DAY. When you are in love, you celebrate regularly and don't need a special day to remind you. And when you're single, you may think, "bah, humbug!" and that's just fine.

2. The majority of Valentines and even flowers go out to non-sweethearts. More flowers and remembrances are sent and received by students, teachers and family members than by romantic partners. So claim this holiday for YOU whether you've met a romantic soulmate or not. And remember that there are non-romantic soulmates such as pets, parents, friends, children and even siblings so tap into that love energy which connects you to the same unconditional love that you will feel when you come together with your One.

3. Make a point to send out love to the soulmate you haven't met yet. Buy them a card to give them later or spend a few moments thinking of them and sending a message to them on the inner.

4. Every one of us has been the only office worker NOT to receive flowers on an occasion. This day is in NO way a competition to see if you're loved or not. Of COURSE you are! So remove your ego from being in such a competition and if anyone wants to rub it in, feel bad for them that they would need to resort to such a low vibe.

5. When you are with your One, it will make up for EVERY bad Valentine's day you ever had. If this one isn't that great, it will get healed in the future, I promise!

Have a good one, and I bless you for love beyond your wildest dreams!


Q: Kathryn, I've been doing your meditations and I feel like I'm doing them wrong. I'm really bad at trying to vision things. Sometimes my mind wanders. And on top of that, when you ask me what I want, I just draw a blank.

Is this going to stop me from manifesting? Is there something wrong with me?!

I'm worried, and I think when I was growing up, I just learned to do what I was told without a thought to what I might want to do. Is that why it's so hard?

A: There's no wrong way to do the meditations! There are so many levels built into them, that they will meet you wherever you are. They are a form of hypnosis.

Did you ever hear the story about the sleeping guy in an Atlanta "Manifesting Love" workshop? He fell asleep during the meditation (as so many do -- it's why we developed the Sleep Kit - LOL!). We literally could not wake him up after the meditation, so we just left him to sleep throughout the rest of the workshop. He finally got up at the end -- when we were packing to go -- and acting like nothing was amiss, he left. Four months later, I got an email telling me he was engaged!!

Conclusion: you can do these meditations and fall asleep, you can let your mind wander or you can feel nothing . . . and yet in all of these cases, it has still helped folks manifest. So, don't worry about it. They evoke a magic and grace in your life. You don't have to do things "just so" (a perfectionist tendency) in order for them to work.

About the pattern of just going along as a child. This is exactly how so many I work with break through. Very rarely does anyone ask us when growing up: "What do YOU want?" So some of us just blank out and give up. When we finally ask ourselves what we want, it's such a shut-down place, we have no clue.
But your job is to open up to the fact that you're a grown-up now who can create anything you want -- once you figure out what that is. It's such a fun journey to get there, so just keep exploring your choices.

I'm sending you SO much love and support to realize you get what you want and are allowed to have it. And don't have to get things just right in order to call forth the love you want.