By and far the biggest question people ask me about love is: “What am I doing wrong!?

So I’ve made a list of the biggest mistakes people make in trying to make a love connection

I’m all too familiar with these because I’ve helped so many people – even those who have been frustrated for YEARS – find love
We HAD to do something differently to get a different result. And you will need to as well – though it doesn’t have to be super hard

The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Keep Love From You

Mistake #1: Hoping something will happen on 
its own

Far too many people just give up trying or worse, just keep doing what they’re doing without making a significant change

They imagine something happening (which is a good start)… but never actually do anything, just hoping that the chance will “come up”

It doesn’t work that way. You have to be willing to change something, to try something new if you are serious about finding love

Your pattern will continue, and you’ll waste yet more time. Not good

Mistake #2: Making yourself easy to be overlooked . . . even invisible

A script is an energy you carry that makes people notice you -- or not -- and informs them on how to treat you

People can read your script in an instant, as we demonstrate in my live workshops. It’s just crazy how this works – how much you can know about a person before they even open their mouth to speak

Want to know what your script is? Just look at how you’ve been treated

Are you noticed? Or are you ignored? Are you honored? Or have you been disrespected? Do your relationships last or fizzle?

In dating, transforming your script is essential if you’re getting bad results

If you have hidden your inner light, it shows. And it’s hard to attract someone you would actually want

If you have confidence issues, it will repel those you want the most

So we have to deal with this mistake and change it

We did an exercise that began to change your script. But it takes a concerted effort to change it for good and consequently the results you’re getting

And by the way, changing your script can save a relationship or pull in the person you're with now if it's starting to wane. That has become one of my specialties when working with people live

Mistake #3: . . .

I’m going to tell you Mistake #3 – which deserves an entire post to itself – in my next email

It’s an overlooked part of dating that you REALLY need to know about

It makes the difference between remaining single and frustrated and sealing the deal with the one you want, that person who sings your heart, who fascinates you and really sees you and gets you

This hot person wants you and only you and desires to make you his or her forever love

I know you can’t wait to be in their arms for good, and I’m committed to helping you get there!

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Q: Kathryn, the last 4 guys who were asking me out were not ones I could ever imagine myself with. Just not what I want, and I’d be settling if I went out with them

And then I have met two really hunky men in the past couple of weeks who would not give me a second glance

I even tried to get their attention and suggested going for coffee. But nada. Zip. No reciprocity and I felt like a dolt for even asking

What am I doing wrong that I never meet anyone who I like who would be into me? I really don’t want to have to settle for a guy I’m not into

A: Sorry you are having this experience

It sounds to me like you are not up to speed with the ones you find attractive

You probably have a “script” that say “I’m not worthy” or “You’re way above me”

I find this is common

We would need to change this to get different results because the one that is attractive to you is most likely to be your soulmate since you have crackling chemistry together

It can take some getting used to – connecting with someone who you may have thought was out of your league

But we have to bridge this gap for you to welcome in the love you want

I bless you