The moment that you meet someone interesting, there is a tendency to get a bit crazy. What happens? Hope arises which in turn can bring up vulnerability, fear and anxiety. We used to see people in the Crisis Clinic suffering far too much over a new dating situation.

Because my work sees so much manifestation, we’ve had a rash of “no man’s land” panic lately. Up half the night waiting for a text. Agonizing on whether (s)he’s right or not. An anxiety attack over the thought of losing him while he’s on a trip.

My advice? Calm the heck down. Here’s how:

1. Remember that God doesn’t meet you ½ way or ¾ of the way. You GET your soulmate, no matter what.

2. Remind yourself that we all have different communication styles and some people might not phone as often. It doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

3. Get busy with your life. Do not hover over the
phone or keep checking for emails. As things blossom, you’ll have less time, so get your ducks in a row now. It’ll take your mind off the obsessing.

4. Take heart in the fact that you’ve met someone interesting. If you’ve set an intention for soulmate love, it’s already a done deal. This interest – regardless of whether it leads to more – is a sign you’re heading in the right direction.

Bottom Line: don’t let fear take away from your relishing this experience. You get love no matter what, so why not relax into the deliciousness of this interaction?

Here's to a FUN dating experience!

Q: Kathryn, I am guilty of always settling in love. I recently broke it off with a guy I just don’t have chemistry with even though he seems perfect on paper

My friends think I’m crazy but I just want someone that I can’t keep my hands off

Is that wrong?!

My issue is that I never seem to attract the ones I like. Many times, I’m just so intimidated they don’t notice me

Am I destined to always be with someone I’m not wild about?

Could I ever find a boyfriend who I actually have chemistry with?

A: The very definition of soulmates is that you have crackling chemistry

So let me reassure you that you DO get this – a man who you lust for, one in which you can feel the electricity between the two of you

He can’t keep his hands off of you. And you feel the same

You want to eat him up with a spoon :)

Here’s what it sounds like you’ve been doing wrong

1. You seem to have an idea that hot guys are out of your league

 And that would be why they intimidate you
 With this attitude, you count out the hot ones automatically
 They won’t notice you nor be attracted to you
 You simply cannot get what you feel you don't deserve

2. With that belief that hot guys are better than you, your connecting with them is probably non-existent or really bad

 I’ve had clients who felt like there was a wall between them and people they find attractive
 The risk of actually reaching out to them seems huge
 Until this belief is dealt with, nothing can change and you’re stuck with those you settle for, which is not good for either one of you

3. There is a way to overcome this issue easily, to reprogram your beliefs and the resulting actions so that with just a small signal, you can have anyone you want cross a crowded room to speak with you

 It doesn’t matter if you’re not the ideal weight or high up on the attractiveness scale
• That really has nothing to do with it
• When I taught this technique to a client I was working with, it changed everything for her
• She literally had never had guys notice her or chase her down for her number
 It took a very short time for us to that to change
• The first party at which she tried out this technique saw guys buzzing around her, begging for her number
• She had to get used to this, because she’d experienced it, and at this point, she was no spring chicken either
 But that didn’t matter. It’s not about your age, your weight, your physical condition, what you look like or anything external
• It’s about something you already have that you just have to claim and activate within

I bless you for finding that hot guy who was meant for you

He’s out there! As you do this work, you two will unite and the seventh honeymoon will be hotter than the first :)