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Q: Kathryn, I feel so frustrated with my life

I don’t have anything that I want and I really don’t know how to get it

I have not dated in a couple of years, and no matter what I try, I can’t seem to find anyone remotely interesting

And I hate my job but I can’t afford to quit it either

Money is not that great just to top things off

Do you think the Zen philosophy is right? Just to quit trying to get things and be happy now no matter what?

I don’t think I’m going to get anything I want. I’m about to give up

It seems easier to quit wanting anything than to long for things I don’t have

I’m in between but not getting anywhere. This is purgatory!

I’m frustrated, depressed and not in a good place

What can I do?

A: I’m so sorry to hear you’ve gotten to this point, and am sending you SO much love for seeing better days

And no I don’t think you need to give up

I feel for you and have so much compassion for the pain you're in

I totally agree with the zen philosophy of being happy

now. We should be

But our nature is one of expansion, and therefore, of course we want more and should get it

The worst hell of all is wanting something but believing you cannot have it

And that seems to be where you are right now

For some, it is easier just to opt out

And go the Zen way that you’re talking about, just accepting whatever life throws at you

Abandoning hope feels better than FRUSTRATED hope

But as you may know, I teach that you can have any- and everything that you want

This is what I’ve done in my life and help others to do

• I come from the premise that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT

• This approach has worked for thousands because it is based in faith

• If you want it, you get it. Our desires are put into us by the Divine because we GET them

• When you run into something that is proving difficult for you to manifest, it is due to lack of belief that you can actually have it

• A very simple change can start bringing what you want very quickly

• It is a joy to do so, and the journey, the wanting, the anticipation become absolutely delicious – rather than frustrating

 • If hell is frustrated wanting . . . then heaven is hopeful wanting -- believing you CAN have it (faith)

• The wanting becomes anticipation, and making it happen is the ride of your life!

• Please know that if there is something you want, then you CAN have it

• It’s just a matter of regaining faith about it and moving forward into creating it

• I support you in finding renewed hope and going for what you want

• It’s closer than you think

I’ll help you furnish that missing piece that will make all of the difference in what you’re able to manifest

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Q: Kathryn, I have never had a good relationship
When I look back, I'm appalled at what I used to put up with

Having done some of your work, I've realized how little I settled for

Clearly, I was 3rd string with the last guy, who came and went pretty freely until I finally got a clue and ended it
He was so flaky with me 

And before that, my boyfriend of three years was emotionally abusive.

Kathryn, how can I break this pattern once and for all? I'm scared to date for fear I'll end up with another painful situation.

A: I'm proud of you for the realizations you have had

It will be so much easier for you to lose your patterns now that you've seen them and are setting higher standards for yourself 

Awareness is the first step to healing 

For a longstanding pattern, deeper work can be necessary

We need to do an interrupt in the status quo -- in your thinking, in your emotional patterns, in your standards and even boundaries -- to ensure you are creating something different in your love life

As you change things, you go into a powerful attractant mode for your soulmate

There are several ways to do this:

1. Do a release any time you feel yourself being drawn toward old attractions that have disrespected you or put you on their backburner. Or if you're getting red flags with someone you're connecting with

2. Replace the patterns you're releasing with something new -- even just the thought of a more mutual relationship full of respect and caring

3. Get some further help. Sometimes we have SUCH a blind spot that only a coach or counselor can help us beyond a stubborn relationship pattern

 I bless you for getting what you need into the healthy, full-on love that awaits you with your soulmate