Aug 29th, 2012

Youngest of 4 Boys, He is Tough But a Love
Happy Birthday, Julian!

On the 6th birthday of our youngest, I'm saying "hi" to you! Hope that you're having a great August. We are between trips 7 and 8 this summer, and after this, we're staying put for a while, and folks are coming TO US to visit.

I just became aware of how to see stats on the visitors I get to this blog, and I had NO idea how many of you visited it. Wow! I'm honored, and I promised to keep you uplifted and traveling toward love. (Hi, dad!)

If you have had trouble connecting with a love interest, then keep reading. I'll share with you some amazing ways to connect and even invite you to a free teleseminar coming up to help you out.

Here's to a GREAT end of summer! Let's have an amazing fall -- the perfect time for new beginnings -- as well.


Making Contact: 3 Mindblowing Secrets

Whenever I teach my yearly “Date for Your Soulmate” Telecourse,  peoples’ minds are blown at how easy it is to make contact once you gain a little know how. It is easier than you think to become a master connector so that after a conversation, someone simply cannot get you out of their head.

Here are 3 ways to make contact with someone you find attractive.

     1. Eyes establish eye contact. Look into the other person’s orbs to find the sacredness therein, and it fosters an amazingly deep connection. As you enter a conversation, focus your attention fully on the other person. Do not look away. Don’t check your cell or glance around the room. Act like they are the most fascinating person in the world.

2. Words – start a conversation – even if it is mundane. A
recent success story (from the above-mentioned telecourse) is a shy woman who finally broke out of her shell to speak to a handsome man in an elevator with her. It made the ride much less awkward, and he appreciated the contact. This chit chat fostered a relationship that is still going strong (& getting serious).

Listen more than you talk – with positive regard, even fondness. Look for similarities the two of you have. Smile and instead of trying to be a wit, foster understanding, and the results will be very pleasing to you.


3. Touch. We all like to be touched. And reaching out to another enriches any connection immensely and can foster chemistry, as well. Never cling or get needy, but from a space of wanting further contact, put your hand on the person’s forearm in a gesture of understanding as you converse. It might feel forced at first, but this will start feeling more natural to you.

There are times when your touch – just a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder or a quick caress on the head – will be more powerful than any words you could say.

These three easy ways of making contact come from the method that I teach called “Soulmate Level of Attraction.” As you inhabit that level, you become the most charismatic person in a room, no matter how shy or introverted you’ve been in the past.

 To go deeper into this work (making contact is the biggest block many have to love), do join me for my upcoming free teleseminar called “5 Irresistible Ways to Connect.” You can reserve your space by clicking here or visiting the below link: