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Enjoy this Q & A from someone having trouble finding love.

Q: I am diving into a lot of your work. 

I'm having a hard time visualizing and imagining myself with anyone other than one man I know whom I have never been involved with romantically and who is currently in a partnership/living with his girlfriend. 

Any tips for letting go of that and visualizing someone else?  It's been a problem for me for the past 3 years since I met him.  I cannot get him out of my head although I've tried.

A: I'm so happy you're enjoying my work.

But I have to be honest. I'm concerned about you.

The single biggest block to love I've ever seen is attachment to the wrong person. And you are exhibiting major symptoms of just that.

I don't even consider you available until we handle this attachment. So, this is what I would do:

1) Shelf any work you are doing to try and attract love. It is completely USELESS until this is dealt with

2) Set a very strong intention to dissolve your attachment to this unavailable man whom you've never even been involved with

Remind yourself that God has to have something better for you than that! (And rest assured, there is an available, hot guy waiting for you to become available yourself)

3) Do some heavy duty releasing work.

Get and do the guided meditation on the "Releasing" recording. Even consider the Release Kit. You need to pull out the big guns if you are really serious about finding love.

4) As you release, do not allow yourself to focus back on this man. When you're tempted to envision him, force yourself to see beyond him. Even a close replica who can't see past you and adores you will do.

I cannot tell you how critical it is for you to take your life off hold. Until you do, you're pretty stuck.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but chin up! You have every hope in the world for the love you want.

You just need to deal with this attachment, and you can move very quickly into true soulmate love.

I support you in that! ♥