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In honor of Halloween approaching, it's a perfect time to get SCARY!

In that spirit, below find the first 5 of the top 10 Love Fears -- and what to do about them.

I'll post the final 5 next week to round it out.

Top 10 Love Fears

What blocks so many people from finding love? Fear

Below are the first 5 of The 10 Greatest Fears that can keep love for you.

Fear 10

You've missed the boat.

You worry that it's too late for you to find love, that maybe the one that got away was your last chance for love or that you're doing something fatally wrong that has doomed you forever.

THE TRUTH: Until you meet someone with whom it never end, you have not yet found your soulmate, so you need to keep going. You have every hope for love and have not missed the boat. You get infinite do-overs until you get it right.

Fear 9

That there is something wrong with you.

95% of the people who come to my work fear that there is something wrong with them, that they have a Fatal Flaw. If this is you, you've blown up some minor thing into a huge repulsive nightmare that will send potential loves screaming from the room.

THE TRUTH: You are perfect right now. There is nothing wrong with you. Your soulmate will find things other loves thought were flaws -- cute. It won't bother them and will endear them to you.

Fear 8

You're too old, too overweight, too sick, too depressed, too anything for love.

Whenever someone is blocked in love, there's usually some limited belief knocking around in their head about their chances for love. They fear that love has passed them by if they're over some arbitrary age they deem is past the age for love. Or they think they have to lose lots of weight to be loved. Or they worry no one could love them because of some physical condition.

THE TRUTH: Love knows no boundaries like this. Lots of senior citizens find love -- especially in this work. And plenty of overweight folks, people with illness or physical conditions do, too. Your soulmate wants you for YOU. (S)he doesn't care about anything you belief dooms you in the love department.

Fear 7

Being unlovable

This is similar to Fear 8. You worry that something about you is so awful you're unlovable. Maybe your temper. Or your disposition. Or you don't think you are sexy enough. Or attractive enough. Usually anyone with this fear was criticized as a child. It's a self-esteem issue and is just not true.

THE TRUTH: You are lovable as you are now. Your soulmate will find you completely lovable and remind you over and over again of that fact. To expedite your One's journey into your arms, practice loving yourself more and seeing why you are lovable (you are!)

Fear 6

Not ever finding love

People with this fear usually have been looking for love for a while with no success. They're ready to give up and worry they'll never find love. They're extrapolating past experience into the future, concluding love is just not in the cards for them.

THE TRUTH: If you want love, you get it. You got this desire for your soulmate put into your heart to propel you into his or her arms. God would never dangle something in front of you only to taunt you with it and never give it to you. You get this! We just need to work on opening you up on it and finding the hope to keep on moving forward.

I'll post a blog with the remaining Top 10 love fears: the even more scary FIVE. So stay tuned. I will also disclose the ultimate antidote to fear!