Hey there, it’s Kathryn! Hope you’re having good holidays and gearing up for a great 2018

I wanted to give you the same assignment I have given to all of my private clients that can make a WORLD of difference in your life in the coming year

It’s called the 1-2-3 Punch and meant to be done this time of year

I’ve done this since 1998 and have seen everything that I set as a goal happen in my life (I am not kidding!)

And so have thousands of others

So here are the basics:

1. Write down everything that you have achieved in 2017 and all you are grateful for (Thanksgiving is a great reminder each year to do this)

2. Let go this 2018

Release is sheer magic, an act of faith

I have seen so many good things come out of people letting go, something I specialize in helping people accomplish

Write down all you don’t want to take into 2018 – bad experiences, negative habits, old patterns – on toilet paper and flush it down the toilet. Or burn it

3. Write down (don’t just think it) 1 to 4 things you really want to happen in 2018 – your priority goals

Research confirms there is power in writing it down. You can do this either before or after we ring in 2018. Goals written down are 73% more likely to happen

This is a very key step in the creation process – I can show you why it’s important and how to do it the best – we need to flesh this out a bit to have it work well to create

And there is a certain personality type that needs to do this step more than they even realize, something I discuss in the free class

I hope you’ll do this process NOW for an amazing 2018