Step #3 to date out of your league is an attitude adjustment

In Steps 1 and 2, we worked on how you think of yourself, boosting your self-image and changing your script

In Step 3, we make a thought correction that will trip you up until it's dealt with

Deciding who is out of your league is very arbitrary

Ever saw a person who you were surprised to see with someone hot and desirable?

And had the thought "How did SHE get HIM?!"?
This is an example of incorrect thinking

You made a judgment call that he was too good for her

Deeming anyone out of your league is the same random categorization of someone as too good for you

We need to change this!

So what is Step #3?

Think of the hot ones differently

- WARNING - if you do not take this step, then even if you get someone hot noticing you, it is impossible to keep him

- Here's the truth -- if you think of this hot person as someone out of your league

- If you are intimidated by him . . . attraction cannot flourish

- Before you exchange a single word, he is sensing your energy

- If you don't think of him as someone you could get, he will not notice you

- I'm about to show you how to create mindblowing attraction

- But you can't get out the gate if you've got him on a pedestal


The losing thought is to feel this person is unattainable

In the first 2 steps to dating out of your league, we got you ready to interact

Now as you encounter the ones you think are out of your league  . .

 You need to see them as someone well within range for you

 Remember they're only human. They have their own insecurities

 And they will not even consider someone who feels less than them

 So when you see him, you need to remind yourself he is your equal

 He is in your range

 He is another human being looking for a connection


One of my original Bootcamp clients was quite the socialite

But when it came to the hot, quality guys, she would get completely tongue-tied

So we did the steps that I'm teaching you in this series

She started seeing guys as in her league, seeing their humanity and vulnerability

This client also had a celebrity crush

She could not believe when she actually met this famous guy at a party her publicist friend took her to

She had been practicing what I taught her, and caught his eye

My client was taken aback for a moment, but then remembered to look at this celebrity as an equal

Her crush actually approached her and struck up a conversation

They dated for several months until she realized he was really self-centered

But turning the head of her long-time crush helped give her the confidence to meet her "person" shortly after, a guy who she never, ever could have talked to before

He would have intimidated her, and never would have noticed her until she took Step #3

The two are now long married with 3 children


1. Start looking at people you have thought were out of your league differently

2. Notice what you think of them, how your body feels, any nervousness and how high the pedestal is you're putting them on

3. Do an in-the-moment course correction to see them as equals, as someone who could use a connection -- like you

4. Concentrate on feeling worthy and do remind yourself that deeming them above you is WRONG

Once you do, here's the best part: You will truly get this.

You'll know how to have people notice you, chase you down.

We'll get rid of anything you have that is in the way of you coming together with your "person" -- even if he's someone you thought was out of your league

I have never seen anyone have more fun than those who learn how to attract love and never again have to chase or be rejected or have heartbreak ever again

The biggest problem those who learn this have is getting used to how good things get