November 9, 2012

Cuddling at the Pumpkin Patch Farm
I hope you are doing well wherever you are & whatever your weather is doing. While we've been getting some rain in SoCal, where we've settled in for the holidays, our East Coast friends have been suffering with so much worse, and our prayers continue to be with you.

Next week, a miracle is occurring. I’ve got TWO free events in one week, and I hope you can come to at least one of them.

Occasionally, I get to mentor folks, and my only 2012 "business" teleseminar is coming right up next Wednesday: “3 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Practice.” If you’re at all interested in passive income, you should be there. To gain access, sign up here:

The other free event is a live soulmate workshop in my home town of Venice on Sat, Nov 17th. I’d love you and many other lovely singles to be my date that night. I like supporting independent bookstores and YOU. To find out about this free event (which will be crowded – get there early!), go to this link, and remember just to SHOW UP, no registration required.

Read on to find out my take on competition in love. And I hope to see you somewhere or another next week!


Competition in Love

I once worked with a woman who grew up on competition. She was a competitive swimmer as a teen from an over achieving family, and everything was turned into a horse race.

Sure enough, when it came to love, it always seemed that she was vying for a guy’s attention. Yet more proof that what you BELIEVE acts as true until you adopt a better belief.

The fact is that competition and love don’t mix. Even the IDEA of competition in love puts you at the lowest rung of attraction – one where soulmate love can’t happen – something you well know if you’ve ever heard me teach my 3 Levels of Attraction material (a recording that comes with the Soulmate Bootcamp.)

Competition will not produce soulmate love. Period. So with this client, we had to work on getting rid of a deeply engrained paradigm surrounding competing. Over and over again, we reiterated the fact that her soulmate would see only her. No one else would stand a chance with this hunk.

One date told her she was not as pretty as his ex. Out the door he went!

Another seemed to get off on pitting her against other females. Next!

Finally, a very attractive man made no bones about the fact that he was into her. She could not believe the “luck,” and had to get used to his undivided attention. He outshone anyone she had ever dated, and finally, she knew for sure that competing was not a part of real love. The two are now married.

To learn more about the 3 Levels of Attraction, don’t miss my rare, free live workshop on Saturday, Nov 17th in Venice, California. To find out where and when, visit this link:

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Heartbreak Corner: The Ex is Dating 

While we are on the subject of competition, let’s talk about how this relates to your ex. So many I’ve worked with have made the mistake of thinking that their ex’s new love has something they don’t. They compare themselves unfavorably and feel inadequate.

Remember this: there is no rejection, just the wrong fit. If your ex was not your soulmate, it would never have worked out. There is nothing wrong with you! And you are not less-than!

If you have thought this or are thinking it now, work on your insecurities. You need to see how precious and lovable you are.  And once you are with your soulmate, you’ll see that in his or eyes, you can do no wrong.

Let me quote my old therapist Joyce Arohnson: “don’t let anyone take away your self-image.” Recovering from heartbreak is bad enough but piling on false ideas of your own inadequacy can produce needless misery.

I invite you to remember that you are more than enough, and a break-up has nothing to do with your supposed flaws.

In a Relationship? Jealousy 

A little jealousy can spice things up in a relationship. A LOT of jealousy means you’re insecure: particularly when your mate is giving you no reason to be green-eyed. Rather than get suspicious or ask for reassurance from your mate, curing jealousy is an inside job. Work on shoring up your own self-image.

Remember why your love fell for you in the first place. List the many reasons others have said they adore you. Add in your achievements and the things folks say make you special. Make note of all of the good times you've shared so far with your One, and regularly remind yourself: "I am a catch. I'm perfect, lovable and more than enough."

Overcoming jealousy can take some doing. Chip away at it, and you will gain new faith in both yourself and your love.

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