Do you think you know everything about your mate? Wrong!

Every being is an endless well, and you can never get to the bottom of another person.

However, you can get into a rut where it starts feeling stale or old hat.

During our travels, I surprisingly learned a great deal about my husband of many years: things he knows (quantum physics), things he thinks about, things he can do (rescuing us in a storm on a sailboat, skillfully navigating a motorcycle even on wet, uneven pavement on a small island) and things he loves to do (driving in crazy, ridiculous traffic, like that of Paris and Thailand).

I challenge you to try a few new things this year in your relationship: go places, explore topics, take lessons, meditate together, hang out with new people, have some deep discussions. You will find renewal and the passion that goes along with keeping it dynamic, a delicious exploration of closeness.