Sorry to keep you in suspense about the third deadly mistake that guarantees you won’t meet anyone

But this is the BIGGEST one -- and deserves a whole email of its own

I had one of my Aruba attendees meet someone as if she had ordered him up

He is really into her. It’s looking very hopeful. They fit like a glove together and are totally infatuated with one another

He’s calling her and texting all the time. He is the hottest guy she has ever had contact with
And guess what? She had to do this very thing I’m about to tell you that she learned during the Aruba retreat

If she had not done this thing, she still would not have met him

This is someone who has been single a long, long time with a lot of misfires

And what she learned made all of the difference
She met him organically – out in the world as she was going about her day – as most people do
No matching service could have done better than how perfect they are for each other!

So here’s the mistake she was making and what we had to do to correct it

The Third Big Mistakes that Keeps Love From You

Mistake #3: Not knowing how to connect with the one you want

Do you know what to do when you encounter someone attractive to you? How to spark their interest?

Do you know how to take it deeper and create a bond with a person you’re dating and very into?

Do you know how to ensure that it stays sizzling so there’s no chance you’ll get disappointed?

Most people don’t. And that’s where I can help

With my Aruba client, she had always shied away from attractive guys, sure they wouldn’t be interested in her

And I had to remind her that the hottest person you encounter is most likely to be your soulmate

Because you and your soulmate will have crackling chemistry

Most people tend to get intimated by someone that wows them, tongue-tied or worse, just shrink into the wordwork, sure that someone like that would not be interested

This was Aruba gal's pattern. She would not even talk to a guy she found hot. It was easier, less risky
So it’s no wonder she had always settled and has been single for far too long

But after practicing with me, what did she do?

She returned this hot guy’s gaze, smiled and used the technique we had worked on in Aruba

It worked like a charm! He came up to her to talk, and before she knew it, he was asking for her contact info and texted her two hours later

Now, they are infatuated, having long phone conversations and going on dates every chance they get

He has already sent her flowers, and she is having to get used to how much this attractive man wants to give to her

She continues to do what I taught her, and it is showing no signs of fizzling

She learned how to keep it hot and growing, something you must do to take the relationship the whole way in. And it continues to roll out perfectly
This is something I’d love to teach you, too

Love can happen just as quickly for you, as you learn a new way of connecting that brings the hottest ones right to you, gets you into a dating relationship and takes it the whole way – as far as you want to go with it

I know you can’t wait to be in your soulmate’s arms for good, and I’m committed to helping you get there!