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Q: Kathryn, the last 4 guys who were asking me out were not ones I could ever imagine myself with. Just not what I want, and I’d be settling if I went out with them

And then I have met two really hunky men in the past couple of weeks who would not give me a second glance

I even tried to get their attention and suggested going for coffee. But nada. Zip. No reciprocity and I felt like a dolt for even asking

What am I doing wrong that I never meet anyone who I like who would be into me? I really don’t want to have to settle for a guy I’m not into

A: Sorry you are having this experience

It sounds to me like you are not up to speed with the ones you find attractive

You probably have a “script” that say “I’m not worthy” or “You’re way above me”

I find this is common

We would need to change this to get different results because the one that is attractive to you is most likely to be your soulmate since you have crackling chemistry together

It can take some getting used to – connecting with someone who you may have thought was out of your league

But we have to bridge this gap for you to welcome in the love you want

I bless you