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Q: Kathryn, last night, I met this guy who I am really attracted to. He is handsome, smart and fun. We spoke a while but then he moved on. I said good-bye when we left, but he didn’t ask for my number, and I am disappointed

This happens over and over again to me. I just can’t get anyone who I want interested in me. Is there any way to change that?

A: Yes! You can get someone interested in you by changing what you’re doing

I just had a glorious engagement happen for a client who had this same issue. She did the following steps which resulted in the hottest guy she has ever seen getting on his knee a few days ago and asking for her hand in marriage

1. Be centered when interacting. People can sniff out nervousness or desperation in a heartbeat, and it will send them packing

2. Don’t try to be a wit. Instead get him talking about himself. Ask deep questions, listen intently and use this connection you foster to create an emotional bond. When you do this well, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you

3. Leave him wanting more. There is a way to do this that is not manipulative but instead honoring of your new connection.  Research shows there are certain words you can say right at the beginning that will set you up perfectly to ensure he can not get you out of his head. Then, there is no way he would leave without getting your number

My newly engaged client had been in the friend zone with a guy she had a crush on. She watched him date a few other women and pass her by for weeks until we worked on the above 3 steps in the way I’ve perfected while working with thousands of people

Then out of the blue, her crush confessed feelings for her. She had worked on the bonding I taught her, and suddenly he only had eyes for her. It surprised them both (but not me). The rest is history!

I bless you for turning on that magnet and never getting passed over again. It’s easier than you think