Q: Kathryn, I've been doing your meditations and I feel like I'm doing them wrong. I'm really bad at trying to vision things. Sometimes my mind wanders. And on top of that, when you ask me what I want, I just draw a blank.

Is this going to stop me from manifesting? Is there something wrong with me?!

I'm worried, and I think when I was growing up, I just learned to do what I was told without a thought to what I might want to do. Is that why it's so hard?

A: There's no wrong way to do the meditations! There are so many levels built into them, that they will meet you wherever you are. They are a form of hypnosis.

Did you ever hear the story about the sleeping guy in an Atlanta "Manifesting Love" workshop? He fell asleep during the meditation (as so many do -- it's why we developed the Sleep Kit - LOL!). We literally could not wake him up after the meditation, so we just left him to sleep throughout the rest of the workshop. He finally got up at the end -- when we were packing to go -- and acting like nothing was amiss, he left. Four months later, I got an email telling me he was engaged!!

Conclusion: you can do these meditations and fall asleep, you can let your mind wander or you can feel nothing . . . and yet in all of these cases, it has still helped folks manifest. So, don't worry about it. They evoke a magic and grace in your life. You don't have to do things "just so" (a perfectionist tendency) in order for them to work.

About the pattern of just going along as a child. This is exactly how so many I work with break through. Very rarely does anyone ask us when growing up: "What do YOU want?" So some of us just blank out and give up. When we finally ask ourselves what we want, it's such a shut-down place, we have no clue.
But your job is to open up to the fact that you're a grown-up now who can create anything you want -- once you figure out what that is. It's such a fun journey to get there, so just keep exploring your choices.

I'm sending you SO much love and support to realize you get what you want and are allowed to have it. And don't have to get things just right in order to call forth the love you want.