Q: Hi Kathryn. I’ve really enjoyed your work but I feel like I have a block to love that I’ll never get rid of. I’m in a high demand job with a great deal of stress. It drains me so much that I have no time left to deal with romance.

When I try to make time for socializing, I literally have fallen asleep at parties 

Even if I met someone, I don’t know how I’d fit him into my packed schedule. A relationship just seems like added demands on me

But I don’t want to end up alone. Is there any way I can find love with this life I have?

A: It sounds like a lot on you. But rest assured, you have every hope for love

What can we do about your situation? Make a few changes

 We need to work on your internal climate & beliefs before taking any action

 It’s an issue I often deal with in private coaching & coaching groups. The two prong approach is to work on internal issues and then secondarily, change what you’re doing when not working

 The first internal shift is to find a way to put work on autopilot. You can be doing the same things with far greater stress

 The second internal shift is to start changing beliefs. Many who overwork have confidence issues. They measure their value in how much work they can do and feel they have to prove their worthiness by working far too hard

• I would tackle any belief that is running your work life including any of the following
- I have to work hard or I’ll fail
- I have to prove my value
- Hard work is necessary to succeed
- I never have any time

All of these beliefs will act true until we shift them. And once you get rid of them, newer and much nicer beliefs will rule your life

Your life can become quite charmed as a result and love is not far behind

• As we get your internal climate to nicer place, then and only then would we find some fun things to do beyond work

• And I would suggest leaving work in the office once you embark on personal time which you’ll have a lot more of as we balance your life better

So what can we do with this to get you where YOU’RE the happy one?

I hope this helps. I’ve helped many, many high flying careerists find balance and love. You can, too