Part of being single and dating can be frightening: the fact that you must make yourself vulnerable to getting hurt. People try to compensate for this in many ways. Examples:

     Being the one to always end it first to avoid being the 'dumpee'.

     Finding trivial reasons to get turned off by someone.

     Being skeptical from the start, guarding your heart too carefully and bailing at the first sign of trouble (even though this behavior may very well have caused the trouble to begin with).

     Avoiding dating at all, loudly proclaiming you're happy being single, but really, you just don't want to make yourself vulnerable.

We all have our ways of protecting our hearts, but I think that it gets in the way of finding love. Vulnerability is the path to love, as scary as that may be. We must trust that the Divine will protect our hearts and that we're okay to be single, dating and open, even if a few disappointments happen before our soulmate arrives.