The worst pain in breaking up is fighting the attachment that remains. Breakups are never easy. The best way to feel better in a hurry is to detach. How? Here are three steps to detachment during breakups.

    1. Make up your mind that you're ready to release.

    2. Create a release ritual for yourself. My Releasing a Person recording takes you through this. Do something formal to say 'goodbye.'

    3. Use tools to keep releasing as necessary. These include letting go minute-by-minute, day-by-day, turning your focus back to your own life and dealing with your pain in an appropriate manner (crying in the shower but not at work).

I know you can do this even though breakups can be pretty tough to deal with some times. You don't have to wallow in misery any longer. You have your life to live, love to experience, joy to enjoy, so don't waste a moment more than necessary to get over this, and go towards all the good that is waiting for you.