Q: I am having a complicated problem of too many unwanted men beating down my door (thanks to your work!) but the right one is sitting on the fence.

Kindly help me in turning the things around ;-)

Heartfelt gratitude, love and light.

A: Hey, congrats on gaining some momentum in your love life.

It’s a great sign that you’ve got guys buzzing around.

AND that you’ve met someone you really like.

Often, when we meet someone we are taken with, we sabotage ourselves:

• By being over anxious
• And shy
• Plus being intimidated

It kind of sucks because the one we want the most is the one we can have the most trouble with.

Luckily there’s a very easy solution that I’ve used to help my students gain the interest of the one they’re crushing on.

And it’s not even hard.

I talked about it a bit in the just-ended “Become Irresistible” class.

Step 2: do the right things

·  Set a course for love
·  Conform to it
·  Keep yourself steady – no drama

Sounds like you probably have some work to do here.

If you already have a connection -- some sort of bond -- we can work with that, but we have to do more.

• You need to take the connection you have and deepen the bond.

• We can’t have any drama, even your getting flustered by him. It can really get in the way.

• There’s an ABC approach I use that gives you the stages of taking that small connection and getting him to think of you, to wonder about you and want more & more.

• Before you know it, he’s the one now beating down your door, seeking to spend more time.

• And you never did anything to pursue him. Just fostered the connection already there.

That’s how I worked with the above client who suddenly got her crush to go ga-ga over her. She is having so much fun right now.

It’s a complete whirlwind!

If you grab one of the spots in upcoming “Create-a-Mate” Course, let’s work on this to make it happen.

One of the bonuses you get is the ABC Connecting course, and I can hold your hand through applying it for amazing results.

I’m blessing you! This is very easy to fix and it’s so much fun watching a romance blossom with the one you really want.