Q: Kathryn, can you explain to me a little more about how the release process works?

I got a product of releases from you and am still getting used to what’s happening. First, as I let go of a situation, it got completely turned around. It’s at work, and I found myself with a raise and a better office even as I was letting go of the company out of frustration.

Then, I did a romantic release, and all of sudden, not one, but 3 guys I dated have popped back into my life. One I really have liked and I’m struggling with not getting reattached. I wouldn’t mind it working out with him.

What is going on?! And what do I do now? Should I let go of them all again especially the one, or see what could work out?

Please help!

A: I, too, have been astonished at the results we get with release.

Since my days of directing Crisis Support, I’ve seen how important letting go can be.

And refined the technique I’ve used to loosen attachment in those that hang on for dear life.

But we could not have predicted the magic that would ensue.

I theorize that it’s because letting go – as much as we can resist doing so – is an act of faith saying that we trust God to handle things for us.

It makes sense if you think about it. If clinginess or desperation are repellent. Then, the opposite would attract.

Release is unbelievably magnetic. This process is where we get the most emails with magical stories.

I’m so very happy it’s working out nicely for you.

Here’s what I suggest with the 3 newly appeared exes showing up for you-

 It’s fine to explore what is there with a detached point of view.

 I would hang on super loosely with each one.

 Particularly with the one who turns your head; see if things have changed, if some of the issues that made you break up in the first place are getting better.

 STAY RELEASED. I have a protocol I use called “partial release” that has worked to deliver countless people into engagement more quickly and has gotten many into the arms of someone they are interested in.

 Partial release means never getting clingy, focusing beyond the person at hand and not putting your eggs in one basket.

 The Partial Release Course I give to my private clients has singlehandedly helped them turn a corner into love beyond where they’d ever been.

So, try that and let’s see what happens. So far, so good! You’re doing excellent work.

On that note, our Ultimate Release Superkit is being discontinued this week. Right now, it’s on sale, so I would grab it!

The best news is that I’m throwing in the “Partial Release Protocol” as a bonus, which is normally not for sale and available only to my private clients.

I’m blessing you for doing such a great job in letting go. Keep it up, and you’ll have the love you want and much more