Q: Kathryn, I have a question:  I have been doing your work for a while, and went on a few dates, met a couple of men but there was no chemistry.  Recently, a man began working at the same place where I work,  I didn't notice him too much at first but then we had a chance to talk and get to know each other.... there is a very strong physical attraction and a lot of chemistry between us.  This is good, because I was beginning to feel like I would not find anyone to feel like this about.

However, there is a problem. He is a lot younger than me, and we are too far apart in age to even consider a relationship. I know he is not my soul mate for this reason, but the feelings I have for him are so strong. I found out his age today, and I feel so heartbroken!

Why did I manifest this strong attraction with someone who is not available for a relationship?

Is this a sign that I am about to manifest my soulmate?  Or is it the universe's way of reminding me what love feels like, so I won't settle for a man I don't feel chemistry with?

I just feel so sad that I have to face another disappointment, and this doesn't happen very often.  I have worked at this job for several years and was never attracted to a coworker before now.

A: The best thing that you said in your question is that “maybe it's a sign that I'm about to find my soulmate” (yes!) and that it reminds you to not settle for anything less than amazing chemistry. That's a good start.

However, your thinking on this is limited, and I would like you to consider a couple of things.

 You said yourself that an attraction like this doesn’t come along very often. Why would you not at least give it a chance?

 Remember love does not know age. I have many a love story on my wall of weddings where the ages don’t sync up but it didn’t stop these soulmates from finding each other.

 Even if this man is just an opener, you might as well have some fun and enjoy him.

 Once you set an intention for love, we have to consider it DONE on a certain level. The rest is just playing it out, and you can afford to relax and have fun with whomever comes your way. You will be guided into the arms of your One, and have to try people on to see who fits. At least give this a chance and see what might be there.

When I first started doing this work, I guided a client through an extreme age difference. For whatever reason, it is easier for guys to accept a much younger woman, but less so when the tables are turned.

In this case, she was 42, he was 28. And she would not even consider him, even as she could not get him out of her head! I told her just what I told you and led her through a dating process that led to them getting married and having a child. The child is now 15, and they are still together and semi-retired. Their lives went so well together that age really never was a serious consideration. They’re so happy, and he has made her younger, so you’d never know there was an age difference at all.

Love simply does not know bounds like age, so try not to think so conventionally, follow your heart and see where it leads.

I’m blessing you for the soulmate love you so deserve! And do tune into my upcoming free class to set a powerful intention for love in 2017 (or maybe before?!)