Q: I have a friend who -- annoyingly -- always has a boyfriend. The minute one relationship ends, she finds another boyfriend right away. Why is it so easy for her and so hard for me? I haven’t even dated anyone in over a year. Why her and not me?!

A: Great question, and one I often get asked. Yes, your friend has something you don’t, but it’s not what you think. And just to reassure you, I often have folks in a similar position pass their friend by finding love and getting married while the friend is still going through boyfriend after boyfriend. It’s not a competition, but if it were, you don’t LOSE.

What your friend has that you don’t is the following:

a) A good template for having a boyfriend. She’s used to it, so it’s easier to manifest again. I’ll bet you have some areas in your life that are easy for you, too.

b) Faith that she gets love, that someone out there will be right for her and that she’s lovable.

If you lack the above, then it’s interfering with your ability to manifest love. But the good news is that there are ways to develop these things and manifest so easily you can’t believe it.

 A similar feeling of being left out can arise if you feel like someone else got chosen over you. If that happens, it's not rejection at all.

 Remember there's no rejection, only the wrong fit.

 Instead, it just means that the person who did not choose you is not your One.

 But if you can carry on, you'll find that one who can never see past you and is even hotter than the "one that got away."

 Every now & again, I get this weird phenomenon where someone gets a crush on the wrong person, who never is quite mutual in the feelings, and later goes on to meet another person who is almost an exact replica of their crush but usually even hotter and more right for them because it's their true soulmate.

 And of course in the latter case, the feelings are entirely mutual and the couple go on into a life together.

 I call this the Mistaken Identity Soulmate Situation - LOL!

I affirm that you are NEXT and don't have to wait any longer to be the one chosen and in a relationship even better than some of your serial monogamist friends because it lasts for a lifetime.