A man at a Sydney book lecture asked a great question. He wanted to know how you tell the difference between divine guidance and your own deluded thinking especially in love matters. Are there Soulmate signs? The fact is that many of us, in the throes of a deep attachment toward another, are SURE that the person is our Soulmate. And this energy can be so strong that a psychic may even read the energy as meaning you two are meant to be together.

BUT the man who asked the question admitted he had pined away for several women that his "intuition" said were his Soulmate, only for it not to work out. The fact is that intuition CAN'T COME THROUGH when it is being clouded by your own wishful thinking. There is a voice I call the Voice of Attachment that sounds very real, there are necessarily no Soulmate signs to know if someone is your Soulmate.

The measure of whether the message you're getting is attachment or intuition is this -- are you in a centered, unattached place when you hear the voice? Or are you hopelessly obsessing over someone? If it's the latter (and especially if you have a pattern of mistaking attachment for Soulmate signs or messages like this man), best to err on the side of caution, and do some release work.

When your TRUE Soulmate appears, there will be no doubt and things will work out with NO second guessing and NO agony. Hold out for that. It'll be worth the wait!!