Q: Kathryn, I’m dating the best guy I’ve ever dated. He is even my boyfriend! But I find myself constantly on pins and needles that I will lose him. It’s never been this amazing with anyone before, and I’m at a loss. I know you say that he’s not too good for me – that no one is – but it feels that way. I almost make myself sick, worrying about it. 

A: so you’ve gotten someone who you consider out of your league? You’re dating and even committed. How do you keep him or her? The following spiritual techniques will work better than the most skillful manipulation technique that a traditional dating coach could teach you. So here’s my dating advice for you.

1.           Continue to work on your own self-image. No one is really “too good” for you. Updating is a false concept. And so, you need to repeatedly remind yourself that you’re worthy of this person. It’s important that the two of you have an equal relationship in which you don’t feel one-down.

2.           Relax. When you find yourself panicking that you’ll lose this “catch,” use faith-building tools like prayer, meditation, uplifting reading and affirmations: (“I GET this and nothing can take away what is mine in consciousness!”). Mellow energy shows confidence and there is no greater magnet. This dating advice had helped a lot of couples.

3.           Communicate. Keep an open channel of connection with your boyfriend. It’s one of the best ways to ensure a continued, vital relationship. Strive to keep revealing yourself to your One, even if it’s scary and continue to explore your partner. You can never get to the bottom of another. Those who have applied this dating advice have always had improvement in their relationship.

4.           Let go. A loose way of holding on is MUCH more magnetic than becoming clingy, paranoid or having to keep close tabs (all of which are repellant energies) on your love. Release and watch things blossom! Apply this dating advice and you would enjoy your relationship.