When you are in pain over someone, there can be a tendency to over-dramatize the whole thing, and it may be difficult getting over heartbreak. Yes, you are hurting, but exaggerating how awful the other person is, how victimized you are or how you just lost the love of your life is not doing yourself a favor; it will only make the process of getting over heartbreak more complicated.

Yes, you are mourning a loss, but remind yourself that:

a - Your ex is only human. (S)he is not allowed to be on a pedestal nor cast as the biggest villain of all time

b - There are no victims, only volunteers after a certain point.

c - As soon as your attachment fades, you will no longer feel this is the best love you could ever want. Remind yourself NOW that you will have more love, and a love that will be more rewarding, AND that it is not kind to yourself to think you'll never get better. Therefore, getting over heartbreak is important.

Try to catch yourself when you go into tragedy/drama mode and rein yourself in for your OWN sake! Get back to positive thinking as quickly as you can by getting over heartbreak first.

This is not the end for you. There is more love, more joy and more living awaiting you. Remembering that will get you through the release more quickly.