In a television interview I did yesterday, the interviewer asked a good question. She wanted to know if my relationship with my husband; my Soulmate had strife. I said “not really,” and that I feel that Soulmates have a much smoother path than other relationships. She probed further about my marriage, and got to the fact that yes, Jon and I have differences. While they do not produce big arguments between my Soulmate and me, we do have to work out things on occasion, and I said as much.

What I have seen, both in my marriage and in those of others is that the differences are good for us. Jon’s laid-back, relaxed attitude sometimes irritates me when I want to go fast. BUT he forced me to take vacations, something I badly needed. And when I give in to his organic way of dealing with life, more magic happens for us. Jon, my Soulmate, says that he appreciates my efficiency in getting things done and I teach him how to go faster. 

Soulmates fall in love with their differences and I believe that as long as we appreciate them and use them to grow, they do not have to be a negative but instead produce balance.