Q: Kathryn, I’ve been dating the first man I’ve ever really been interested in for a couple of months.

At first, it was all rainbows and bliss, but he’s calling less often and takes forever to want to set a meeting up.

What do you think is going on? What can I do to reignite things?

A: Step 1 that I talk about in the free class “Become Irresistible”  can change everything for you. What is it?

Step 1 of Becoming Irresistible: Make an energy & mindset shift

 Get up to speed – if you think that you’re less than someone, that they’re out of your league or you have to work hard to keep them, you’re not up to speed with them.

This is a dangerous place to be in. It’s almost impossible to manifest with that attitude.

If you can get up to speed and have a different attitude about him, no matter how great he is – then it can change everything in an instant.

We tend to sabotage with anyone that feels out of reach, and you may be doing this without even knowing it.

 Stand in who you are – if you knew even a fraction of how amazing you are and stood in it, things would change quickly for you two, and he’d be beating down your door.

I call confidence “the universal attractant” because studies show that walking in the awareness of your value is always attractive to everyone unlike almost every other characteristic.

 Like turning on a light bulb – when you take the two above steps, it’s like flipping a switch.

I have helped people apply the above steps to a relationship that was slipping away, and every time the couple has ended up engaged.

One woman had just about given up on a man she was daydreaming about when she joined a live course I was teaching.

I helped her apply these steps to the relationship, and things perked up in a hurry.

Before she knew it, they had a standing Saturday night date; he bought tickets for a concert 4 months in advance and was whisking her away on a ski vacation with friends that winter.

I think you may already be signed up for the upcoming “Create-a-Mate” Course and I can’t wait to help you.

But if not, I’d grab a space while they’re still available.

It’s the best chance to work with me personally, other than my full and much more expensive private coaching.

I’m blessing you! This is very easy to fix and I trust that we handle it together to get just what you want.
Sending you love & support!